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1) Since Superman has renounced is going to renounce his American citizenship, how would that affect his membership in the JLA? I ask because the JLA does operated globally, despite being called the Justice League of America and was under the impression that members have honorary citizenship in various countries.

2) If JLA members do not have honorary citizenship, how would they operate without causing international incidents. Yes, I know, when Starro attacks, no one cares at the moment, but when the worldwide threat has been defeated, and blame is assigned, as human beings are want to do, how would JLA be able to function without incurring various suits? I could easily see a country stating; "Thanks for saving us, now here's the bill"

3) I'm not trying to have a debate started. I just want some clarification. Cheers.

Superman can turn a relatively worthless chunk of coal into a diamond in only a few seconds effort. So the issue of paying for damages really shouldn't BE an issue, cause with an hour or two of his time converting coal to diamonds he could have probably paid for all of the 9/11 clean-up & repairs. The only issue of being submitted a bill should be the actual fairness of the bill, because EVERYONE knows people pad their bills, especially when it's greedy businessmen and politicians.