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...there is a final conversation between Donna Troy and Dick Grayson where Donna says something like "I don't want anyone to realize that Donna Troy even exists." A meta remark for what will happen in the DCnU, perhaps?

Definitly, there was an article on Bleeding Cool I saw that noted it and posted scans of the relevant text.
I've really enjoyed James Robinsons run on this book, probobly the best it's been actually as I was not a fan of Brad Meltzers take and Dwayne McDuffie while good was too busy bailing water to head off in a clear direction. James Robinson might have had more favorable editorial support though as apart from the first few issues he's had a stable team line-up and if anyone seriously thinks the likes of Supergirl, Mon-el, Dick Grayson and Donna Troy aren't the natural choices to take the place of their mentors I pity them - Wally West or even Kyle Rayner proved it is both possible and desirable to adopt their mentors roles, and a JLA with the same old Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman line-up does get old after awhile.

From what I've seen and read a lot of these August 'final' issues have ended in a very subdued and hurried way, I just read Legion of Super-heroes for example and it was as if the writer couldn't be bothered, as if he'd lost heart. I think James Robinson though decided to do his best regardless and the meta-textual references show his thoughts on it all well, this JLA team may or may not fade from memory but Robinson is proud of it and readers like me enjoyed it thoroughly. 8\-\)

Some of the most memorable moments for me:

*The Congorilla/Starman team. These were not very welcome by me originally, I didn't like either and they didn't belong on a JLA team but it's a credit to James Robinsons skill that come that Starman/Congorilla one-shot I was a believer. Seriously, if you see that one-shot cheap as I did buy it and get a surprisingly quality read. It's like the Superman/Batman annual he did that ties into 'Reign of Doomsdays' - it shouldn't be any good, but in fact it's brilliant.

*Characterisation - Always James Robinsons strongpoint and here he explored Supergirls psyche, gave Dick Grayson a very different persona to Bruce Wayne's Batman, Made us feel for Bruce Gordon, Gave Jade self-confidence and intelligence and to prove a point actually made me like Starman and Bill/Congorilla - I'd love to see more of these two as written by Robinson. And with Mik headed for Opal maybe he'll be appearing in the propososed Shade series Robinson was supposed to be working on.

*Mark Bagley. Brought this teams world to life and drew an amazing Supergirl!
Indeed I think in general this entire series of JLA has had good art, but the standouts for me come in the last two years with Bagley succeeded by Brett Booth and showing the dubiousness of putting Jim Lee on any sort of 'superstar-messiah' pedestal.

*The use of continuity in a judicious way. Continuity is a four letter word to some out there apparently but for me it is a vital component of good narrative fiction. It can give it greater depth.
What was especially nice in Robinsons run is that he incorporated the loose end of 'Dark-Supergirl' from the Loebs series and answers the question of what she was while servicing his own character arc on her.
Elsewhere we got a nice re-using of Alexander Luthor and a welcome reboot for Eclipso that straightened out his erratic history and incorporates all the best bits into one very dangerous villain.
Robinson is just like Geoff Johns like this, both are capable of using established characters to rework old continuity into something new. In a sense I really do think the new upcoming DCU is anthema to both given it apparently declares war on any idea of a continuous narrative and the idea these characters and their world have a rich history that is there to be built upon.

*New uber threats were also created though, The Omega Man is a nice addition to DCs Cosmic villains and I do hope he might be revisited possibly, DC has a real hard time keeping good villains around and especially the cosmic ones like this one or Lady Styx. They should be investing in these sort of concepts a little more rather than automatically abandoning them.

As a final issue this #60 was near enough perfect. The League got a very good send off and I do think the work done on the likes of Jesse Quick and Jade has done those character a service, Jade has been abused a great deal over the years but Robinson turned her into a serious force here, she was treated as a very capable and credible hero and a character I'd really like DC to capitalise on in the future. If Only. If only DC did have better history of supporting these sort of characters... *Sigh*

(P.S. The irony strikes me that Robinsons run began with none other than Vic Stone joining the League!)

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