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It read much less nuContinuity offensive than JLA read but also generated less anticipation about the next chapter at its end. The origin/setup idea was a quick and easy way to reestablish the team. It was a little UN-Believable ;\) that they were swiping the 'JL' brand name here - especially with the story suggesting there is no intended connection between them.

Oddball combination of USA heroes to include for international scrutiny.
Costume tweaks on Booster, Hawk, and Rocket Red, right?
Captain Atom sporting an energy flowing m-Ororo-hawk is - creepy.
Frankenstien guy must have pinged some demographics during DN&BD to be included.
GA w/o beard probably signifies de-aging.
Two Outsiders are not forgotten -but not present- and this is probably the 1st cameo appearance of yet another Hawkman incarnation.
The international choices are perfectly fine but WHO IS THAT BIG BEARDED HEAD?!

The UN handlers were okay as they got plenty of intro facetime. The issue villain/threat was too underwhelming even though it did involve a patented giant robotman - or is that a Signal Master?

Its cliche enough when supervillains easily breach hero HQ security and trash the place but when Tom, Dick and minusHarry can so easily blow the place up it is a little hard to swallow.

For some reason want to like Godiva but there was hardly anything here to warm up to her - as she is most unfamiliar to me. Next most unkown is August General who unfortunately didnt really show what he or his trident could do here - but at least he can be seen with a chip on his shoulder towards Russia which was the only real character dynamic that played out here. Oh, there was Guy being a lovable jerk but then thats what he is already noted for.

As for Batman, there is no mention of Batman Inc. or feel for the Batverse. (Thats been a pet peeve since before COIE 1.) So, it appears once again that DC has yet to convince, to a fault, that this is the same Dark Knight after this latest FP CRISIS. \:\(

Still missing my brother...

Big bearded head looked like Congorilla to me

It was an ok read nothing special hope Guy sticks around