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Subj: Re: JL2..."How Marvel-ish!"
Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 at 11:54:55 pm EDT (Viewed 23 times)
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The only thng i can say is how this reminds me so much of Marvel. Heroes fighting heroes, instead of coming together for the common good.
Jumping to conclusion, making a rush to judgement and even being dark and gloomy! Muscleheads on steroids!
GL and Flash = Laurel and Hardy!
GL acts like he just got the ring yesterday, instead of having it for awhile.
The only character i liked was Flash, but even he rubbed me the wrong way.
Batman, whilst in GL's buble, whining!!!

I admit to complaining before all of this came to be. I'm trying hard to give it a try. The whole entire premise is that the entire Earth is paranoid of aliens and costume heroes or vigalantes.

The art was good. The entire concept of these heroes fighting one another, while, as we all know, Darkseid looms in the shadows, is BS.

Superman is suppose to be their lead character and one of the major reasons for the DCnU. Instead of diffusing the situation between heroes, they lower him to a muscle head paranoid, that the big bad Luthor might be coming after him. Tell him to take off the super suit cause he is not worthy!

Maybe. But have you read Marvel recently?

Every since they made Superheroes into a bland legal-drama they haven't been able to get back on track. I look at DC books and they have their stuff together.