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    The Outsider claims Pandora's Box isn't a mystical item at all, it's technology, a door from his world to this one. He and Atom(ica) came through during the War with Darkseid and have planned this ever since. He tells them that they all wondered who was behind everything going on? Well it's the oldest answer in the book, the BUTLER did it!
I do like the idea of The Outsider and his real nature but the reveal of Pandora's Box is a stretch too far for me. How it arrived on earth in pre-history, Why it arrived, who sent it and how, who created it... far too many basic questions glossed over to support the sheer plot device it represents.I can rationalise its ability to corrupt as some metaphysical effect courtesy of its Earth-3 origins, a universe based on evil, but the framework Trinity War is built on is ramshackle indeed if you devote any thought to its internal logic.

    The portal opens and Sea Master of the Crime Syndicate comes out.. then drops dead. But behind him are the rest of the Syndicate (Superwoman, Utlraman, Power Ring etc..) Atomica rushes to her Speedster lover.. and Earth Three's Alfred's master.. Owlman. So The Outsider is E3 Alfred. Crime Syndicate declare Earth as their own..
A nice twist, I've always loved the Crime Syndicate and the sight of Power Ring as a nervous wreck is an appropriate contrast to Hal Jordan's ultra-confidence. I have a hard time thinking Atomica could fool everybody for so long given the basis of her character is an Earth-3 inverted' hero, her morality and differing world-view would surely have been impossible to hide. 

    I ain't making this up. 'Trinity' meant Earth THREE.
I don't think it meant Earth-3 as such, the story has been peppered with different trinities, all of which give the story its title.I haven't followed all of it and I won't be following much if any of Forever Evil, these crossover events are far too big now, in every sense of the word...

The whole concept of 'the box' is just too.. far fetched. It's so advanced ANCIENT Gods thought it was mystical? Huh? Wha? And they all just 'knew' about it back on E3 although it's so ancient.. and has been gone for so long? It's effects on others.. well, if that universe is so danged evil-ishes then how do they have (we are assuming from their prisoner) heroic figures there?

Also, with the seeming effects it has on others, what makes Constantine so immune.. being damaged goods? Seems it's make more sense if he was an E3 guy, himself.

As far as Atomica, her being able to fool the Justice League AND Waller when she's only been around for five years, that seems pretty daft. And Martian Manhunter?!?! There's just too many forced plot points here for it to make anyone satisfied.

 Also, the grandiose flare in attaining the box with EVERYONE there.. battered yes, but a handful of villains are now basically staring down the barrell of an E-Prime shotgun with the Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark all assembled beforee them. Was the plan to weaken them all and then finish theem? There's no communication between the two sides, you'd think they'd step through then freak out (all like Power Ring) when they saw the assembly before.

The only one missing right now is OMAC. I think the story should end with him showing up, no one has to explain how to counter the Pandora's Box silliness, and have him mop the floor with the Crime Syndicate, the other heroes tossing anyone back into the ring that tries to get away from him \:\)

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