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I have been meaning to watch this and finally sat down to view the dvd. I havent read the series it was based on though familiar with the plot. I was amazed/slightly horrified by the brutality in the movie. I know to modern readers it was probably mild. You can see much more graphic material almost anywhere so I chalk this reaction up to being an old time comic fan from a era where this wasnt shown. I sat through it a second time so as to not be distracted by that part and watch it for the other content. That worked but was the comic series that graphic? Is this the norm with the nu52? It is a bit unsettling to believe. However this isnt the GSB age and time moves onward and things change.
The movie is actually pretty good and since its a alternate universe created by Flash it gets away with the brazen character assassinations oop I mean modifications. It really looks good and the super speed stuff is decent. When that aspect is being shown it looks right though for the most part unspectacular. The story flows very well and for one of the few times during an animated movie I was carried along for the ride. I suspect the end is truncated a bit compared to the mini-series. It was still satisfying for this movie. I also know Barry Allens past doesnt sync up with what we knew about his mother and I am not sure why. It doesnt change my opinion of the dvd just makes me wonder. Some darn good fights and brutal as well. I hate to say it but better than any battles the Marvel animateds have given us. That includes the animated series as well. D.C. does seem to get that better than Marvel in all animated shows. Barry is given a spotlight and they do a good job making him interesting which is strange bexause I never found him all that interesting back before COIE. I read a lot of his comics as a kid but the really interesting part of them was the wild adventures and characters he met and teamed up with in those bygone days. I loved him with the Atom the most. Anyway he was interesting in this movie and that alone is a win. Its hard to review the other super-people such as Superman,Wonder Woman,Aquaman,because they are so different and of course Batman is a different person. In the context of this movie they work though I wouldnt want this portrayal to be the norm. Wonder Woman gets some payback for the Aquaman battle in the JLU show. Captain Thunder didnt do very well against her for that matter. She really beats some butt,Aquaman does as well. Superman isnt much of a presence except one scene. Hal Jordan really gets the short end of the stick. Cyborg and Batman are effective characters though Wayne is certainly given more of a back story. Vic has some good moments but maybe should have had a little more time spent on his p.o.v. Most of the rest are just there to fill out the cast. Oh the Reverse Flash was portrayed as a crazy mean s.o.b. Very effective use of him though I am not sure how he ended up remembering the other timeline aftewr the change. Also how did he know what Flash has done? I know he goaded Barry into changing the past but shouldnt he have been changed as well. Maybe the answer is there and I just didnt catch it yet. All in all a good movie though I wouldnt want that universe as a Earth 1or 2 staple. Considering what happens to it I guess that isnt a worry. Story and animation worked for me.

Yeah, I borrowed the movie from a friend and was astounded by the brutality therein, too. I'm just an old man, I guess. ;\)

I DID like Aquaman's power showings, even if I didn't care for his portrayal. As for Reverse-Flash, I'm under the impression he doesn't have super-speed, but can step in and out of time somehow, and THAT may be how he avoided being changed.

Thanks for the review, too! \:\)

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