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Now knowing about a few future events, here's my updated predictions for the Justice League members:

With the Forever Evil storyline coming to an end soon, here are my predictions for where everyone's going to be starting in April:

Superman: main Justice League

Batman: main Justice League

Wonder Woman: main Justice League

Green Lantern (Hal): he will return to the main Justice League; let's face it, every League needs a Green Lantern and Hal will be the main League's

Flash: main Justice League (and we need more appearances of him with the League)

Aquaman: main Justice League since there is a Rise of the Seven Seas storyline for 2014

Cyborg: main Justice League

Atomica: with the Crime Syndicate where she belongs

Firestorm: main Justice League maybe

Element Woman: main Justice League maybe

Steve Trevor: he might be the field leader for the Justice League of Canada

Martian Manhunter: a lot of people rumored that he will be in Justice League of Canada; I for one would like to see him on the team

Catwoman: continues her solo career

Katana: back with the Birds of Prey (I wanted to see her with Justice League of Canada, but I think it's unlikely now that only three members from JLA are joining)

Green Lantern (Simon): I would like to see him with the Justice League of Canada since there should be a Green Lantern in every League, but Jeff Lemire said only three members will be returning; but if I wrote Justice League of Canada, I would pick four: Martian Manhunter, Simon Baz, Green Arrow, and Hawkman

Vibe: I never cared for that loser, so I'd like to see him dead

Green Arrow: we know he will be in Justice League of Canada (possibly because Jeff Lemire is writing the magazine and he's doing a good job with the Green Arrow mag)

Hawkman: we know he will be in Justice League of Canada, too (I was happy when they announced that both Green Arrow and Hawkman are part of JLC)

Stargirl: emigrates to Earth-2 since she started out as a JSA member

Doctor Light: still dead

Madame Xanadu: Justice League Dark

John Constantine: Justice League Dark

Deadman: Justice League Dark

Zatanna: back with the Justice League Dark

Shade the Changing Man: might have his own magazine in the future

Mind Warp: Mind Warp might return

Andrew Bennett: might make a couple guest appearances

Black Orchid: Justice League Dark

Doctor Mist: leads the Global Guardians, which will happen pretty soon (I'd like to see the rest of the Global Guardians make their New 52 debuts in 2014)

Timothy Hunter: might make a couple guest appearances

Frankenstein: Justice League Dark

Amethyst: I'm not too sure about her appearances

Swamp Thing: he'll leave the Justice League Dark in favor of another member

Adam Strange: he is confirmed for the Justice League of Canada

"Shannen Koostachin" inspired superheroine: she is confirmed for the Justice League of Canada

Animal Man: he is recently added to the Justice League of Canada's line-up, thanks to Jeff Lemire


Justice League:

Justice League of Canada:
Adam Strange
"Shannen Koostachin" inspired girl
Animal Man
Atom (Ray Palmer)
Black Canary (have her replace Katana)
Centrix of the Global Guardians

a new Justice League America:
Booster Gold
Blue Beetle
Captain Atom
Ice (both will have dual memberships with the Global Guardians)
Plastic Man
Guy Gardner
Captain Marvel
a couple newcomers

Roster Predictions:

Justice League
Confirmed: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman
Predicted: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Jordan), Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and maybe Firestorm and Element Woman

Justice League of Canada
Confirmed: Adam Strange, "Shannen Koostachin," Hawkman, Green Arrow, and Animal Man
Predicted: Steve Trevor, Adam Strange, "Shannen Koostachin," Hawkman, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, Katana (maybe), Green Lantern Simon Baz, Atom (either Palmer or Choi), Black Canary, and Centrix

Justice League Dark:
Confirmed: no one as of yet
Predicted: Madame Xanadu, John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna, Mind Warp (maybe), Black Orchid, and Frankenstein

KEWL! 'Mazing Man's coming back? I haven't read his adventures in years! ;\)

Seriously, I thought DC had learned their lesson around the time Grant Morrison took over JLA circa 1996. Why can't they just leave the Justice League of America as it is, and have them just patrol the whole Earth, like they did in the Silver and Bronze Ages?

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