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I'm still excited about the new Justice League United (aka Justice League of Canada). However, many of the members pretty much have counterparts with the Avengers. Here's the case in point:

Adam Strange=Hank Pym
Both are scientific geniuses that leave the swashbuckling to their wives.

Both are winged wonders.

Green Arrow=Hawkeye
Both are archers.

Animal Man=Beast or Tigra
Both have animal-like powers.

Martian Manhunter=Hulk
Both are green-skinned brawlers.

Stargirl=Captain America
Both wear stars on their uniforms and carry a weapon.

Supergirl=Ms. Marvel
Both are alien-endowed superwomen.

I didn't forget about the new First Nations girl, but I couldn't figure out her Avengers counterpart.

Also, someone wrote on Jeff Lemire's Twitter asking if the Atom (preferably Ray Palmer) is going to join Justice League United. Jeff replied with the poster to read Future's End for the answer to the Ray Palmer scenario. I, for one, would like to see the Atom join the JLU in the near future (possibly around June or July).

Now, on to the awkward part, we know Catwoman will be returning to her shady past, but what's going to happen to Katana, Vibe, and Simon Baz? My predictions:

Katana---she'll be in Green Arrow's Outsiders or back in the Birds of Prey (I'd like to see Black Canary join the JLU pretty soon as well).
Vibe---I'm not too sure where he will pop up or his fate. I never liked Vibe, especially the 80s one.
Simon Baz---I was hoping to see him in the JLU, but he could take Hal's place in the regular Justice League.

Echo might be the closest First Nation counterpart in the Avengers.