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Subj: Re: Metal Men #28... ...?!
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Oops, sorry, these comments are for...

Justice League 028

This series is just not keeping my attention. This issue was clearly mistitled as it was all Metal Men - complete with basically an unchanged responsometer origin (vs Chemo) being plainly (re)told. Oh there was a little bit of Cyborg's new 2nd origin appropriately tied in too.

Nothing really innovative or shocking thrown in and almost no Forever Evil story advancement. Oh there was a quick intro and apparent death of 2 lesser Doom Patrollers at the hands of 2 lesser Syndicaters thrown in.

The artwork and colors were fantastic! Here's some links for it if you appreciate that sort of service: \:\)


Is that Steampunk Wonder Woman?!

I miss Dad and Dan.

I thought this was a great standalone issue.
I haven't been reading DC long enough to have ANY experience with the Metal Men, and have little with Will Magnus, so the story and characters were very original for me.
As Davey notes, it was enjoyable to see uplifting and positive characters and plot, especially juxtaposed with so many darker characters and storylines coming out now.
However, since we're in the middle of a major event, I question the timing of publication, unless Forever Evil #7 is going to be 60 pages long and the Metal Men (among other dangling threads) will be critical to its resolution.
I'm not betting on the story even being resolved at this point.
So, why [re]introduce them here?

What was additionally cool is that one of our part-timers at work is at Carnegie Mellon now and applying for grad school in mechanical engineering. I am trying to convince him to become the next Will Magus and be a real live superhero (or superhero creator), as he is also talented in robotics.