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    Hi everyone!!!
    Just came back from my comic book store and I got every comic from this week, as well as most comics from this month. My favorite, as expected, is Justice League United #1, but I'll get to that later since I want to cover the Justice League related comics, since they all have something in common.

    First up is Forever Evil #7, the end of the year-long story that covers the DC Universe. We see a scene where Bizarro is hugging Lex Luthor and Catwoman (my least favorite member of the Justice League of America) says that they're cute together. Next, Cyborg returns and Batman and Luthor forms an alliance. We later learn that Superwoman and the Earth-3 Luthor are having a baby. This later leads to a fight between Earth-3 Luthor and Ultraman and another between Superwoman and Deathstorm. Deathstorm explodes in the battle. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson, Batman, Cyborg, and Catwoman locate Firestorm, which leads to a confrontation with Owlman. Elsewhere, Earth-3 Luthor fights Deathstroke, Captain Cold, and Luthor and kills Bizarro. The two Luthors fight as well as Ultraman. During the fight, Firestorm releases the other heroes from his chestpiece. Luthor stomps on Atomica. We later learn that Superman is dying from Kryptonite poisoning. Luthor saves the day by removing the Kryptonite from him. Black Manta, Black Adam, and Sinestro leave Lex Luthor and Captain Cold and Catwoman breaks up with Batman and continues her solo career. We later meet Ted Kord who meets with Luthor. While Aquaman, Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern Simon Baz, Shazam, Katana, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman came back from the matrix, Element Woman and Vibe are apparently missing and probably never existed. We later learn that three Crime Syndicate members are still alive: Owlman is missing, Ultraman is still upset about his defeat, and Superwoman is talking with Wonder Woman. Luthor learns that Bruce Wayne is Batman. At the end, we meet the Anti-Monitor, which could be the start of the next big event in the DC Universe.

The question I have been asking myself - Did I like this series? Ultimately I have to conclude with a firm no, I found it far too dark and slow.
Geoff Johns' ability to craft solid and engaging 'event' storylines has been slowly fading for a few years now. Always an entertaining and capable plotter his big storylines play with DCs continuity in a way that enriched the storyline and strengthened the present, since the 2011 reboot washed away DCs sense of a history though that once confident and assured writing style has been in noticeable short supply.
The writing has tended to be dark and nasty, the passion is all too often absent, and I do wonder if the flame has begun to burn low for Geoff Johns' enthusiasm and ability.
Forever Evil revels in its namesake, asking us to choose sides between two opposed sets of black hearted villains its agenda seems muddled and confused. Lex Luthor may be a gifted agent of spin but does anybody on the DC earth really think he is a good man at heart? For that matter should his methods of operation really make him the ideal mastermind to oppose the Crime Syndicate? Perhaps so yes, after all apart from Owlman and The Outsider none of the remaining Syndicate are gifted intellectuals, rather they are an array of jocks and lowlifes. What they have is ruthlessness and a complete disregard for humanity, so in that sense Luthor's planning and chess moves would indeed go unappreciated by them... until it is too late. What the purpose of the final reveal of the Anti-Monitor is meant to convey is open for interpretation, but if there is another Crisis variation on the way I will not be very keen to know about it - the Crisis is an event that has been mined to exhaustion by now and Dan Didio made it emphatically clear that Infinite/Final Crises' were most certainly the last word to be had on it....

So in summary, I am glad its over. I just with all of these excrutiatingly overlong arcs were over.

    Next, I want to talk about Justice League of America #14, the final issue of the series. We start off with Stargirl having a talk with Steve Trevor about what happened during the events of Forever Evil. We later find Martian Manhunter trying to find the whereabouts of Stargirl. Trevor tells Stargirl that the rest of the team is elsewhere, but could not give anyone's whereabouts. We find out that Catwoman returning to a life of crime, I for one am so glad to see Catwoman off the Justice League and back to her solo adventures. I was also glad she did not join the new line-up. I never wanted her on the new roster. As for Simon Baz, he was rescuing a kid in his native Detroit. He is later congratulated by Green Arrow and Ollie asks Simon if they can form a team. That doesn't work and Simon flies off. If only Simon was part of the new Justice League Canada along with Ollie, Carter, J'onn, and Courtney. Katana is seen in the Himalayas where she is offered a ride by Green Arrow. She, too, refuses Green Arrow's offer and wants to go solo. So, Green Arrow wants to reform the team, but Simon and Katana refuses. We also learn that Hawkman, Vibe, and Element Woman are all nowhere to be found, however, in Justice League United #0, we find out that Hawkman is fighting Lobo and is actually going to join the new Justice League Canada. In the end, Stargirl and Martian Manhunter reunite and decide to stick together. The events continue in Justice League United #0, which was meant to come out after the comic was released. And we find out that Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, and Green Arrow will be forming the team, alongside Animal Man and Adam Strange. Not only that, Hawkman will be on the team as well.

    My final thoughts on the Justice League of America: not a bad team, but I didn't know that the team would last long. While some of the members were appropriate for the team, I wasn't too sure about the others. Here are my ranking of members, from favorite to least favorite:

I shake my head at this book, 14 issues?! Is that it? All that hype for a 14 issue engagement? I did feel it was a good team, even if the premise was dubious, reintroducing Stargirl and Vibe worked out moderately successful but with such a short run it seems unlikely either will catch a significant foothold in readers affection.
In the end though this was a book that was more marketing gimmick than a serious commitment from DC, little wonder so many are cynical about the 'New 52'...

Personally, I thought the Justice League was OK. Some members were not appropriate for the team, mostly Catwoman. I always thought Green Arrow would be good rival for Batman. Both have things in common, such as the fact that they both have sidekicks over the ages, both rely on weapons rather then raw power, and both have millionaire pasts.

If I had to write the Justice League of America comic, my line-up would be Steve Trevor as leader, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern Simon Baz, Katana, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Atom, Blue Beetle, and Black Lightning. But this was Geoff John's pet project and he picked the likes of Vibe and Stargirl. I always thought Stargirl would be better on Earth-2, seeing that she was a member of the Justice Society before the New 52 came along. All in all, Justice League of America was fair enough, but putting Catwoman on the team was a bad idea. Honestly, Black Canary would have been better.

Having said that, I'm enjoying the new Justice League United series with the Justice League of Canada replacing the Justice League of America. It still has the old JLA zing, with four of the Justice League of America members still on the team (despite that Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Stargirl are officially in; I'm looking forward to Hawkman officially reuniting with his old JLA teammates as a member). I'm also glad Catwoman is not part of the new Justice League of Canada. I'm not a fan of Catwoman in the Justice League. However, I miss seeing Simon with the Justice League. I always thought he would have been a better choice than Stargirl. But still, Stargirl's on the team because Martian Manhunter is on it, too.

In addition to Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Stargirl, the newcomers are cool, too. Adam Strange makes his New 52 debut and is remade a Canadian rather than a denizen on Rann. Equinox adds some diversity to the group. However, the problem with Equinox is that she is the only non-white member of the group (aside from Martian Manhunter). If only Black Lightning joined the team later on. Animal Man is a perfect choice for the team. Seeing him interact with Green Arrow brings me back to the Blue Beetle-Booster Gold days of old. While I think she's a bizarre choice, Supergirl makes a good addition. However, like Hawkman, we haven't seen her on the team as of yet, despite the first pages of Issue #0. But I heard she will appear in the upcoming Issue #2, coming in Wednesday.

Now, the team of Adam Strange, Animal Man, Equinox, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, and Supergirl is amazing and a gem, but I would like to see more members join later on. The problem with the team is that it's a mostly white team (the only exceptions being Equinox and Martian Manhunter) and that all but three members are blondes (the exceptions are Hawkman (a brunette), Martian Manhunter, and Equinox). First on my list is Atom. Let's face it, Jeff Lemire did an awesome job introducing Ray Palmer in Batman/Superman #10. And like many of my fellow comic book fans, I'd like to see Atom join a Justice League. The perfect fit for him would be Justice League of Canada, since Hawkman and Green Arrow are members. My next choice is Black Canary. The three women on the team (Equinox, Stargirl, and Supergirl) are all teenage girls and they could need a big sister figure. Also, with Katana off the team, Dinah should take Tatsu's place. Next on my list is Black Lightning. The team needs some more diversity and we don't see Black Lightning that much. So putting Jefferson on the team is a good idea. Finally, I'd like to see Ultra the Multi-Alien on the team as an unofficial member. They reintroduced him in Justice League United #1, but he can rebel against Byth and join the team. I wish they can make him a citizen of Canada afterwards.

I can't wait until Wednesday when Justice League United #2 comes out.

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