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Since we've had a pattern of New 52 variant themes:

January 2014: Scribblenauts
February 2014: Steampunk
March 2014: Robot Chicken
April 2014: Mad Magazine
May 2014: Batman 66
June 2014: Bombshells from the 1940s and 1950s
June 2014: Batman
August 2014: Selfie
October 2014: Monsters/Halloween
November 2014: Lego
December 2014: Darwyn Cooke
January 2015: Flash

I've been thinking February 2015 or later on in the year should be dedicated to DC's foreign heroes (the Global Guardians). Since they haven't made their New 52 debut collectively, I think February 2015 should be Global Guardians month, where a foreign hero can be the star of the back-up story. Also, there would be a variant of them with the flag of their home country. Here's my idea:

First Week:
Action Comics #39 (Alpha Centaurian of Italy)
Aquaman and the Others #10 (Tuatara of New Zealand)
Detective Comics #39 (Gaucho of Argentina)
Earth-2 #31 (Owlwoman of Oklahoma, USA)
Grayson #7 (Red Star of Russia)
Gotham Academy #5 (Wingman of Sweden)
Green Arrow #39 (Maya of India)
Green Lantern #39 (Jack O Lantern of Ireland)
Justice League 3000 #14 (Fire of Brazil)
Lobo #5 (Wild Huntsman of Germany)
Secret Six #3 (Gato of Spain)
Swamp Thing #39 (Windstorm of the Netherlands)

Second Week:
Batgirl #39 (Janissary of Turkey)
Batman #39 (White Knight of Poland)
Constantine #22 (Isis of Egypt)
Green Lantern Corps #39 (Cascade of Indonesia)
Harley Quinn #15 (Djinn of Saudi Arabia)
Justice League United #9 (Centrix of Canada)
Klarion #5 (Rising Sun of Japan)
New Suicide Squad #7 (August General in Iron of China)
Superman/Wonder Woman #16 (Strongman of Belgium)
World's Finest #30 (El Dorado of Mexico)

Third Week:
Batman and Robin #39 (Bushmaster of Venezuela)
Batman/Superman #19 (Mountain Mover of South Korea)
Batwoman #39 (Sandstorm of Syria)
Green Lantern: New Guardians #39 (White Lion of Kenya)
Infinity Man and the Forever People #8 (Seraph of Israel)
Justice League #39 (Tundra of Ukraine)
Red Hood and the Outlaws #39 (Raton of Portugal)
Supergirl #39 (Cascade of Indonesia)
Teen Titans #7 (Mist Maiden of Sri Lanka)
Trinity of Sin #5 (Thunderlord of Taiwan)
Wonder Woman #9 (Godiva of the United Kingdom)

Fourth Week:
Aquaman #39 (Little Mermaid of Denmark)
Arkham Manor #5 (Snow Bat of Finland)
Catwoman #39 (Crimson Fox of France)
Deathstroke #5 (Tasmanian Devil of Australia)
Flash #39 (Impala of South Africa)
Gotham By Midnight #4 (Ghost Musketeer of Luxembourg)
Justice League Dark #39 (Vampiro of Romania)
Red Lanterns #39 (Ice of Norway)
Secret Origins #10 (Doctor Mist of East Africa)
Sinestro #10 (Mogul of Mongolia)
Star Spangled War Stories #7 (Gamecock of Thailand)
Superman #39 (Olympian of Greece)

Keep in mind I made up Gato, Windstorm, White Knight, Djinn, Strongman, Mountain Mover, White Lion, Raton, Mist Maiden, Snow Bat, Ghost Musketeer, Vampiro, Mogul, and Gamecock, but they will be new characters added to the New 52 Global Guardians representing their own countries. The rest were either older Global Guardians from pre-New 52 or characters which best fit in with the group. I hope everyone agrees with my idea and I'll post more about these members in the next few days.

A little bit more about these international heroes:

Alpha Centurion (Marcus Aelius of Italy): he is based on the old Superman ally and has super strength. I chose him to be Italy's delegate because Legionary sucks.

Tuatara (Jeremy Wakefield of New Zealand): a mutant with a third eye that can predict time. When we last saw him, he was lapsed in a coma after suffering head trauma in a battle with Fain Yonia. But since the New 52 changed everything, he could regain his health.

Gaucho (Santiago Vargas of Argentina): if you've read Batman Incorporated, you'll probably remember him; if not, he's a good equestrian and hand-to-hand combatant.

Owlwoman (Winonah Littlebird, of Oklahoma, USA): she represents the Native American community in the Global Guardians; her powers include razor sharp fingers, can fly, and can see in pitch darkness. Before the New 52, she was last seen in 2001's Wonder Woman #175.

Red Star (Leonid Kovar of Russia): any Teen Titans aficionado should remember him; if not, he can project fire, fly, and is very strong. I added Red Star to the group because he was listed as a Global Guardian in History of the DC Universe #2.

Wingman (Benedict Runstrom of Sweden): another character I borrowed from Batman Incorporated. He is a good hand-to-hand combatant and has many gadgets. He will represent Sweden in the Global Guardians.

Maya (Chandi Gupta of India): this would be an appropriate way to introduce this former JLI character into the New 52. In case you forgot about her, she creates a magic bow and arrow projectiles from mystical energy. Seeing that she's Indian, she could represent that country in the Global Guardians.

Jack O Lantern (Dan Cormac of Ireland): since this is the New 52 and anyone could come back, it would be appropriate that we bring back the original Jack O Lantern rather than Liam McHugh. For those who don't remember Dan, he was a poor Irish farmer with a magic lantern that was a gift from fairies.

Fire (Beatriz DaCosta of Brazil): everyone remembers Fire, so there's no need of explaining her.

Wild Huntsman (Albrecht Von Mannheim of Germany): when last we saw him, I think it was in Suicide Squad. But in case you may not remember Albrecht, he has a magic sword, axe, and shield; rode on a horse named Orkan and was accompanied by a dog named Donnerschlag. In the New 52 universe, he should be a hero rather than a villain.

Gato (Manuel Soto of Spain): a new character I came up with, he is the partner of Raton. He has catlike reflexes.

Windstorm (Wilhelm Van Gaaft of the Netherlands): another new character I came up with, he is the Netherlands' premiere hero. He has the ability to transform his entire body into wind and can allow himself to fly.

Janissary (Selma Tolon of Turkey): for those of you who don't remember who Janissary was, she was introduced in 2000's JLA Annual as a heroine from Turkey. She has a flaming scimitar and uses the Eternity Book of Merlin to do magic.

White Knight (Janos Kriekowski of Poland): another new character I came up with. Like a knight, Janos has a magic lance and a shield that can protect him from any danger. He rides a horse named Bialy (that's White in Polish).

Isis (Adrianna Tomaz of Egypt): seeing that Egypt needs a delegate in the Global Guardians, it would be proper to add Isis to the line-up. Her powers are given to her by Isis and include super strength, speed, and flight. Any 52 fan should remember her right away.

Cascade (Sujatmi Sunowaparti of Indonesia): one of the four new Global Guardians introduced in Justice League Quarterly #17, she made her second and (thus far) latest appearance in Wonder Woman #175. She can transform any or all parts of her body into water.

Djinn (Ahmed Al-Juwad of Saudi Arabia): another new character I created, he would be the perfect Middle Eastern Global Guardian representing a Muslim country. He is a boy who says magic words that can grant him his every wish.

Centrix (Mark Armstrong of Canada): like Cascade, he was introduced in Justice League Quarterly #17 and that was his only appearance. He will be given speed powers like Johnny Quick.

Rising Sun (Isuma Yasunari of Japan): this hero was last seen in Final Crisis, where he led the Big Science Action Team and fought Mr. Mind. He was seen a lot in the pre-New 52 universe both solo and as a Global Guardian. He has solar powers and can fly. Seeing that he came before Doctor Light, it would be appropriate that we reintroduced Isuma as Japan's delegate to the Global Guardians.

August General in Iron (Fang Zhifu of China): many people may remember him from Justice League International as the Chinese delegate of the team, but it's not fair he's left in limbo. Put him with the Global Guardians and we'll see him in action again. He's famous for his iron-like skin and super strength.

Strongman (Andre De Groot of Belgium): another character I came up with, he would be Belgium's representative for the Global Guardians. He is very powerful and can smash anything with a single blow.

El Dorado (Eduardo Dorado of Mexico): based on the Super Friends character, he is Mexico's delegate for the Global Guardians. He can teleport under his cape and projects mental images to frighten enemies or help allies.

Bushmaster (Ramon Rojas of Venezuela): like Vibe, I decided to give Bushmaster a name change, but he's based on the pre-52 Bushmaster we all knew and loved. Sadly, he was killed in Justice League Quarterly #17, but since this is the New 52, anyone can be brought back. He has gadgets that can duplicate any reptile.

Mountain Mover (Kim Park of South Korea): another new character I created. Using his powers from the Arirang Mountain of South Korea, he can move any form of terra firma and can trap an enemy in that form of it.

Sandstorm (Mohamed Al-Watta of Syria): he is based on the later addition of the Global Guardians from Cry for Justice. He is made of sand and can create a sand storm, like his namesake.

White Lion (Kwame Mobotu of Kenya): another new character I created. Kwame can transform himself into a giant white lion.

Seraph (Chaim Lavan of Israel): he was last seen in Justice League Quarterly #17 where he led the New Global Guardians and is in desperate need of a comeback. He has the Staff of Moses, the Ring of Solomon, the Strength of Sampson, and the Mantle of Elijah. He is the token Jewish member of the Global Guardians.

Tundra (Olga Laprov of Ukraine): she is based on the character from Justice League Quarterly #17 and Wonder Woman #175, only given a name and her new nationality is Ukrainian. She has ice manipulation.

Raton (Angel Santos of Portugal): yet another new character I created, he is the partner of Gato. He can shrink himself to small size and can frighten enemies using gas cannisters.

Update: Supergirl #39 will not introduce Cascade, but rather another character I came up with: Nubia of Ethiopia.

Nubia (Halle Masari of Ethiopia): another new character I created. She has super powers and can fly and can use a sword.

Mist Maiden (Priya Ferraro of Sri Lanka): another new character I created. She can turn herself into purple mist.

Thunderlord (Liang Xih-k'ai of Taiwan): like Bushmaster, Thunderlord's fate was sealed in Justice League Quarterly #17, but is reborn in the New 52. He has a voice that can mimic any sound and can smash anything.

Godiva (Dora Leigh of the United Kingdom): anyone who read Justice League International should remember her. Seeing that she hasn't been heard from since August of 2012, the Global Guardians would be the perfect opportunity to bring her back to the limelight. She has hair which can transform into anything.

Little Mermaid (Ulla Paske of Denmark): she may not be my favorite member of the Global Guardians, but I think that ALL of them should be brought back. There's a lot of debate over her pre-New 52 fate, or whether she's alive or dead, but since this is the New 52, every member of the Global Guardians can be introduced. Her powers are similar to Aquaman's, but she can grow a tail when underwater.

Snow Bat (Harii Jaekelsson of Finland): another new character I created. He has the powers of any rudimentary Batman character, but can freeze enemies using frostbite.

Crimson Fox (Constance D'Aramis of France): yeah, I'm aware of Fleur De Lys and Chrysalis, but both suck compared to Crimson Fox, the appropriate choice for France's Global Guardian. She wears steel clawed gloves and has the abilities of a fox.

Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins of Australia): why didn't DC introduce this Global Guardian in Justice League International? Come on, he deserved to be in it. Either way, he'll be making a comeback sooner or later. In case you don't remember him, when in doubt, he can grow to super size and strength.

Impala (Mbulaze of South Africa): he'll be representing the Zulu Nation in the Global Guardians. Like Bushmaster and Thunderlord, he met a terrible fate, only he was killed in JSA #28. But since this is the New 52, he can come back. He has the ability to run and leap like the antelope of his namesake.

Ghost Musketeer (Anatole Phantom of Luxembourg): another new character I created, he'll be close friends with Crimson Fox, Wild Huntsman, Alpha Centurion, Windstorm, and Strongman. He is an excellent swordsman and can walk through walls and ceilings.

Vampiro (Henri Montesau of Romania): another new character I created. Inheriting a vampire like serum, he can turn himself into a bat and can paralyze his enemies.

Ice (Tora Olafsdotter of Norway): everyone is familiar with this Justice League International alumnus, so I won't go into detail with her.

Doctor Mist (Nommo Balewa of East Africa): last seen in Justice League Dark, he is the leader of the Global Guardians.

Mogul (Mongkehulagu Han of Mongolia): another new character I created, he is the reincarnation of a Mogul warrior, complete with sword, shield, and wild Mongolian horse.

Gamecock (Thaksin Ratree of Thailand): another new character I created, he is a perfect hand-to-hand combatant and can use his wings to fly.

Olympian (Aristedes Demetrios of Greece): yes, this is the hero that appeared in Justice League International Annual #1, only he gets a new costume, but still retains the Golden Fleece, which gives him the powers of the 50 Argonauts who sought for the fleece. He will be romantically linked to Godiva.

And that's my idea for the New 52 Global Guardians. Any comments will be much obliged.