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Justice League 036

This was a decent issue and set up. Even the Amazo Virus itself could be bigger, ongoing, game changer on DCU Earth than ever. Great ARTWORK as anticipated! Unfortunately there's no fair focus on the lower tier members, yet AGAIN. Only spotlight on the Big 3 and Lex. Can you say, upcoming movie cross marketing? Sure, the one word box explanation of how the members got infected does them credit - but only one box and them all 'lying down' on the job? C'mon. Some 'crazy-level precident' story seed scenarios brushed passed, too. Evacuation success, fight showings, transformations logic, global pandemics, etc. It was good to see Trevor return to contribute. Unfortunately, he is the ONLY other named character appearing besides the generic "Lexy lackeys" (say that 3 time fast ;\) ). BTW, is this the first (detailed) New52 reference to past Amazo encounters with the JLA? Is that his 'symbol' on the cover? Any guesses on the Mystery Foe or patient Zero?

I miss Dad and Dan.

Amazo turned up at the start of the second arc as an old foe of the JLA. He's the guy Green Arrow took on to try and win a place on the team.

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