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Just a week ago, I bought me two copies of Justice League United #6, which continued the Infinitus Saga.

We start off with Equinox comforting the young alien Ultra in the Justice League United bunker. Equinox learns to say Miiyahbin's name and Equinox gives Ultra a secret that he's the first alien she ever talked to.

Outside of the bunker, Martian Manhunter, Alanna, and the Legion of Super Heroes (which consist of Phantom Girl, Mon-El, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5) battle the Cadre (the line-up being Overmaster, Shrike, Shatterfist, Black Mass, and Nightfall). Martian Manhunter bombards Black Mass with his punches, but Black Mass squeezes the martian. While Shrike fights Alanna, it appears that Alanna switched places with Adam Strange (don't you find it annoying that the two lovers switch from one place to another?). To her bewilderment, Shrike crashes into a tree.

On the Moon of Ryngor, Supergirl confronts Byth and asks the villain what is happening. Byth tells the Girl of Steel that a new universe is on it's way to consume the old one. Upon hearing that, Supergirl gives Byth a power punch. Byth later captures Supergirl with his many hands. Meanwhile, Green Arrow fights his old teammate Hawkman (who is controlled by Byth) and reminds him that they are teammates. Hawkman reminds Green Arrow that the Justice League killed him and Byth is his master. Animal Man uses an elephant projection to attack Byth's men and Stargirl helps out. Byth's men later knock Stargirl out. Animal Man turns into a Sabretooth-like monster and attacks Byth's men. Once he returns to normal, Animal Man asks Stargirl if she's OK, and Stargirl says she never felt better.

Back in Moosonee, Canada, Brainiac 5 calculates a 96% chance of victory for both the Justice League and the Legion while Mon-El takes on the Overmaster. Saturn Girl helps as she gives the Overmaster a telepathic fuge. This makes it easier for Mon-El to take on the villain with one punch. As Overmaster is knocked out, Black Mass disappears from the fight and enters the bunker. He later kidnaps both Ultra and Equinox (the latter of which is defending the young alien). Martian Manhunter and the Legion arrive, but they are too late because Black Mass took both of them and sends them to Ryngor. Just as Supergirl fights Byth back, Black Mass sucks Supergirl into his black hole while Equinox and Ultra escape for their lives. Furiously, Equinox slams Byth and Black Mass into a rock. They later head to the other heroes, but Ultra stares into the sky. Black Mass suggests teleporting her into the nearest sun, but Byth thinks otherwise.

Meanwhile, Hawkman attacks Green Arrow using his mace, but Animal Man comes to the rescue with a rhinoceros projection. Stargirl joins the fight by blasting her former teammate with her Cosmic Rod. She later meets Equinox as Green Arrow tries to rescue the young alien. It is too late because Ultra summons alien demons. Green Arrow, Stargirl, and Animal Man fight these demons using their prowess.

Back on Earth, Supergirl is teleported to the bunker and tells Martian Manhunter that Byth has Ultra. J'onn asks Sardath and Adam Strange for transportation to Ryngor. Brainiac 5 assures the Martian that reinforcements are on their way to Ryngor. Those reinforcements are none other than Legion Lost.

In case you're not aware or you started buying New 52 comics in February 2013, Legion Lost is the team of Wildfire, Dawnstar, Tellus, Tyroc, Timber Wolf, Chameleon Girl, and Gates.

The story will continue in December's Justice League United #7.

Overall, this is another interesting issue. On the positive side, I liked seeing Legion Lost again. It looks like the Legion is not forgotten. On the negative side, I'm not a big fan of Hawkman being brainwashed by Byth. Maybe in December we'll see Hawkman come to his senses and returning to the Justice League of Canada. I'm also glad we saw more of Overmaster and Black Mass, two Justice League Detroit bad guys. However, I'd like to see more of Killer Shrike, Shatterfist, and Nightfall in the future. And finally, to Mr. Lemire, BRING THE ATOM TO THE JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED!!! He needs a home badly.

I'm looking forward to Justice League United #7, coming out December 10th.

glad you liked the issue a hope you enjoyed jlu7:)

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