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Subj: Re: Justice League #39 - Uncontagious.
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    So there is now a new Amazo, and just what are his powers?

    When do you think Lex will have his real colors come out, and turn back to being rogue, and earths Apex prediter once again?
    And how have the other super villains taken to lex and Cold playing hero?

Luthor is still Luthor. An interesting point to note this issue is how he once again manages to play events to avoid any legal blame for the pandemic sweeping the country and even gets the Presidential pardon in effect - this is typical Lex Luthor. Already fully pardoned thanks to his fightback against The Crime Syndicate. Indeed back in War of the Supermen he goes from being a jailed criminal to being pardoned and even handed back Lexcorp as thanks for his services to the world!

More than just luck. He's just that clever... \(coffee\)