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Subj: Re: Justice League # 40 - Darkseid War Prologue.
Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 at 02:53:20 pm EDT (Viewed 464 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Justice League # 40 - Darkseid War Prologue.
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    Johns seems to have fixation, and that's without knowing what may be behind te scenes, with Crisis. Three of major Crisis stories have been penned by him, and none with the strength of the original, nor the impact. Perhaps he wants to get it right? Whatever the case may be, he's right, if only in exegesis, that the DC Universe cannot withstand another reboot. . . and yet something must be done. Didio's warning that story with trump continuity is on full display, as Superman is depicted on a motorbike in his books, and as his N52 self in JL. It's obviously not sustainable, but what is the alternative that will stabilize this all ready threadbare patchwork?

We think the same things... You are right with Geoff Johns' fixation of the first Crisis, it turns up in his work again and again over the years and he would have been there when it was originally published, perhaps though the key point to be remembered is that Crisis On Infinite Earths is a landmark, the first major reboot that swept the DCU. It was significant in that it was unprecedented, and since then DC has never stopped trying to recapture some of the energy and attention which it generated in 1985+plus - Dan Didio admitted as much in one of his Flashpoint/New 52 Interviews that that was what his intention was with Flashpoint, to recapture the critical/commercial success and attention of the first Crisis.
I don't feel at this point that another reboot is at all feasible or wise, it has been done one too many times now so One more such enema in the near future and it would be well and truly a case of jumping the shark where the audience is concerned. But as I say, more than anyone else working at DC Comics today Geoff Johns is a traditionalist, he loves the history and continuity of the publisher and that respect for it is what he made his name on. In the New 52 universe though there is no backstory or continuity to dip into and exploit, so writers like him just have to plod on and try to deliver good stories, which is not easy to do when editorial decree states they must be six parts long or more and be bent into the shape of the 'event', at its extreme this is what has happened to Earth-2 and Green Lantern. Both books over-exploited and now run almost to ground, exhausted.
I think Johns sees these problems very well, but at this stage he is like a magician with no secrets or new tricks to pull. Even if the corporate will was there to try and knit it all back together there is no way he can do now what he did back in his early Midas years in ressurecting Hawkman, the Justice Society, Green Lantern, Firestorm, The Legion, the Teen Titans, etc etc... he did it all already, He can't do it again.

So when I see Convergence and Justice League #40 so brazenly holding up the erased past I am left a little baffled and dissapointed by it. It serves no purpose at all, and it goes against the ethos which the Publisher has peddled sinc 2011.

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