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Posted: Wed May 27, 2015 at 01:02:25 pm EDT
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      Quick update to my post:


        +The core roster will be Adam Strange, Alanna Lewis, Equinox, Animal Man, and Stargirl.
        +Poison Ivy, Mera, Swamp Thing, and Etrigan are going to be temporary members and the roster will have constant changes.
        +Jeff Parker will write the comic.
        +Travel Foreman will do the art.
        +No variant for issue #11.
        +Supergirl will be off the team "for now." In other words, there is a possibility she will return sooner or later.
        +Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Hawkman are also off the team, but I would like to see them return, too.

      I am happy to see Jeff Parker as Lemire's replacement, less happy with the fluctuating menmbrship however.
      I have heard Supergirl will be going into hibernation pending the results of the television series so perhaps that is unavoidable, but why the book should lose Green Arrow and Jonn Jonzz I dont know. Any book that can be mucked about with like this is on rocky ground in my view.

          My opinion of the new team:



            While the loss of Supergirl is a given (and she will return one day), I was shocked to hear that JLA holdovers Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Hawkman (let's not forget that Hawkman was a member as well) are not in the book (at least for a while). If I was writing the title, my line-up would be Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Stargirl, Adam Strange, Animal Man, Equinox, and Atom, with Supergirl coming back after the hibernation and Alanna as a back-up. Instead of Poison Ivy, I would replace her with Black Canary. Mera is okay, but Jeff's using her to link the book with Aquaman. I'm pretty sure Jeff's using Swamp Thing and Etrigan since Justice League Dark is now cancelled. JLU should not be another Justice League Dark. Leave the dark characters in the Dark Universe and let the JLU be the non-Main Seven Justice League.

            While I like Adam Strange, Alanna, Equinox, Animal Man, and Stargirl, I'm not too crazy about the newcomers. However, I like the fact that a couple of redheads are joining a mostly blonde team. Of the four, I'm looking forward to seeing Mera the most since she's my most likely choice. Poison Ivy, on the other hand, is like putting Catwoman in Justice League of America. I'm against adding a former Batman villain to a Justice League. If it were up to me, I'd say I'd add Batgirl or Batwoman. Hey, even Katana would get my vote.

          I agree. Batwoman really isn't a team player but I still like the idea of her making a brief tour nontheless... Barbara Gordon makes more sense. Better yet Black Canary - if only she wasn't shackled to Birds of Prey. But it depends on what character function you are looking for, is JL United an ideal place to reintroduce Firehawk, Shining Knight, Looker, Air-Wave?

        I think Black Canary is a good idea, especially since Green Arrow was in the title. I'm also pondering the idea of JL United introducing characters and some good ideas are Metamorpho, Centrix (from the Global Guardians), Atom, Ch'p, and sisters Thunder and Lightning.

I just read the preview for the new Justice League United and I noticed a lot of potential heroes for the group. They are:

1. Apollo (while I'm not interested in him and Midnighter joining, this could be an example of housing characters that need a home)

2. Atom (my prayers have been answered)

3. Batgirl (now that Supergirl's gone for a while, Barbara could be a substitute)

4. Beast Boy (keep him on the Teen Titans)

5. Black Lightning (he was on my Top Ten list of characters I want to see added to JLU)

6. Blue Beetle (I think Jeff Parker is using him to bring back JLI)

7. Blue Devil (he was an honorable mention on my Top Ten list)

8. Booster Gold (same as Beetle)

9. Captain Atom (another excuse for making JLU be the JLI)

10. Catwoman (Jeff better not put her in; she does NOT belong on a JL team)

11. Deadman (now he's adding JLDark members, too)

12. Dove (maybe)

13. Elasti-Girl (no Doom Patrol members)

14. Element Woman (same as Elasti-Girl)

15. Fire (ugh...another JLI refuge)

16. Firestorm (keep him on the mainstream JL)

17. Godiva (why is Mr. Parker using JLI characters; he might as well reintroduce the Global Guardians while he's at it)

18. Guy Gardner (this is getting annoying...JLU is not JLI)

19. Hawk (maybe)

20. Ice (Jeff Parker, NO MORE JLI HOLDOVERS!!!)

21. John Constantine (and, likewise, no more JLDark holdovers, either)

22. Katana (she was originally on my wishlist, but I later learned she would not fit in with the group; then again, there could be a second chance; Jeff better not put in Simon and Cisco)

23. Kid Flash (he's better off with the Teen Titans)

24. Mary Marvel (I'm kinda OK with her on the team)

25. OMAC (how many times do I have to say this...NO JLI members, please)

26. Orion (I'm OK with him)

27. Phantom Stranger (seriously?)

28. Robotman (he'd better not put in any Doom Patrol members)

29. Shazam (keep him on the mainstream JL; this is a group for second stringers)

30. Starfire (another answer to my prayer; I want to see her on the team)

31. Static (seriously?)

32. Steel (I don't think he'll fit in with the group)

33. Vixen (while the other JLI members don't fit in, I can see her as a potential candidate; we haven't seen her in a while)

34. Wonder Girl (keep her with the Teen Titans)

35. Wonder Woman (she needs to stay with the mainstream JL; I always thought the JLU was second stringers, not anyone can join)

36. Zatanna (she's better off with the JLDark)

Here are some other candidates I'd like to see:

August General in Iron (hey, he put in almost all of JLU, why not put him in?)
Black Canary (I was hoping she would join to meet Green Arrow, but with Ollie off the team, it's another sour dream)
Centrix (the Canadian Global Guardian)
Dolphin (when will she make a debut?)
Echo (I think Jeff needs to put in a Conglomerate holdover)
Firehawk (better than putting in Firestorm on the team)
Gypsy (the real one)
Hawkgirl (I was hoping to put her on the team to bring Hawkman back to JLU, but now that Hawkman's gone, it's another sour dream)
Indigo (I'd like to see her on the team)
Jack O'Lantern (if they introduced Godiva, why not him?)
Kilowog (every team needs a Green Lantern)
Looker (I'm serious on her)
Metamorpho (I'd like to see him onboard, too)
Neptune Perkins (Canada needs an Aquaman, too)
Olympian (another Global Guardian that deserves to be on the team)
Polar Boy (a Legionnaire I want to see on the team)
Quislet (he'd be good for the team)
Rising Sun (if Jeff's going to introduce the Global Guardians, he might as well add Izuma)
Seraph (and likewise Chaim)
Tasmanian Devil (ditto with Hugh)
Ultra the Multi Alien (he deserves to return)
Vigilante (even Canada needs a cowboy; I never liked Cisco anyway)
Wild Huntsman (he, Orkan, and Donnerschlag needs to be introduced)
Yolanda Montez (not as Wildcat)
Zauriel (hey, they named JLDark characters, why not him?)

And, for the record, the membership is Adam Strange, Alanna Lewis, Animal Man, Equinox, Etrigan, Mera, Poison Ivy, Stargirl, and Swamp Thing. Supergirl will return in the future due to her hibernation, and why I want them to stay onboard, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Hawkman will not be with the team for now.