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As a huge Crime Syndicate fan, I snapped up this 2-parter, and I was favorably impressed with the handling of them. I liked Phil Winslade's interiors a lot, and I thought it was interesting that they are framing them not as the homicidal fascists we've seen them as in their recent incarnations, but as criminals who were trying to steal money, but not out to kill or hurt people.

I have never been happy with the idea started in Morrison's Earth 2 GN that the Crime Syndicate's Superwoman was their Earth's Lois Lane. I REALLY hate that idea, mostly because it has no advantages, storywise. I was disappointed when that idea was perpetuated in Forever Evil, but most of all, I'm disappointed that it was applied to the Original Crime Syndicate as seen here, because it shows that the writer didn't do his homework. Superwoman CAN'T be Lois Lane, because Earth 3 already has a Lois Lane, and she's married to Earth 3's heroic character Luthor, who was conspicuously absent here. I suspect the writer doesn't know about that Luthor at all.

Heh. It's probably a GOOD thing the writer didn't know about Luthor of Earth-3. It means one less character he can screw up.