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Subj: Re: JLA #1: What was YOUR reaction to new premiere?
Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 at 08:07:12 am EDT (Viewed 390 times)
Reply Subj: JLA #1: What was YOUR reaction to new premiere?
Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 at 07:02:07 pm EDT (Viewed 527 times)

    Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:15:25 No.73060998
    Why do DC hate Super-heroes underwear.

    Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:28:23 No.73061149
    because it's stupid
    because it's not the 30's anymore and your precious strongman type don't even wear those panty trunks anymore

Agreed with this. If undies are worn on the outside, they're ovaries. er... overies.

    > Looks like the Tron duds are out for the most part. For good or bad. Verditt: undecided.

    Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:20:57 No.73061059
    Why is Lois wearing that? She is at her job.

    > Maybe she just got back from a high society interview?
    Seemed like fairly normal business attire to me.

      > This issue was NOT reader friendly in the least with any kind of post-Convergence commentary or followup.

    While I would have liked it, I don't think it was very necessary. Everybody knows the players. They meet and team up. Fight stuff.

    Intrigued by the Infinity corporation or whatever.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:25:29 No.73061114
      Wasn't supe's identity supposed to be revealed? Where in continuity is this?

    This question applies to numerous things, like why is Hal Jordan even there?

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:27:26 No.73061134
      JL and JLA are running concurrently right now. Both books have access to the same members. It's just part of DC new lenient policy on continuity.

    My feelings on that will always be that when you ditch continuity, stories stop making sense.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:40:53 No.73061316
      free your mind

    True freedom only comes from solid rules.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:47:29 No.73061419
      >Rao is real?
      What the f?

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:48:43 No.73061439
      Why not? Norse gods are real. Greek gods are real. Kryptonian gods could be real too.
      Although really chances are this is a sham somehow.

    Indeed. "Don't trust him."

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:50:54 No.73061462
      Rather than having 52 books all in the same continuity, and really focusing on keeping a universe that's tightly connected and has super-internal consistency, and really one flavor, we've really broken it up. We'll have a core line of about 25 books that will have that internal consistency, that will consist of our best-selling books. But then the rest of the line, about 24 titles, will be allowed to really shake things up a little bit.

    Point me to the 25 with consistency. Life isn't about being shook.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:50:54 No.73061463
      It's not that they're bad, it's just that editors don't do anything anymore other than go online and start s***storms trying to promote their own books


      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:56:14 No.73061523
      This book feels really strange, like first we have the whole Parasite thing which went on.. unnecessarily long, now we have Rao appaearing out of nowhere. The pacing is weird.
      It's like "Oh? He wants more power? Let's give him more power!" Which didn't even fucking work even though the characters stupidly thought it would work somehow and kept trying it till Cyborg drained him. Hek, I had a hard time caring for Parasite in this.

    I'm thinking the Parasite thing is part of a subplot.
    Everybody was acting rather stupidly, except for Cyborg.
    You're not supposed to be caring for Parasite.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:26:52 No.73061941
      Supes being a real A hole in this.

    Indeed. This must be Superboy, because he's not acting like a man.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:44:10 No.73062164
      How the hell does a &^%$ing power plant have more power than a Green Lantern Power Ring, the Speed Force, a Sun and a God of War?

    Maybe it's a special power plant.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:46:17 No.73062196
      The JL jobbing hard again like in JL #41. Clearly without Aquaman around they are totally ineffectual. ;p

    Yay! Aqua! But orange is still an awful colour for clothing.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:49:11 No.73062234
      Which means... for example, Batman could get his head cut off in his book while in JL he'll have head for no reason?


      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:51:16 No.73062252
      Batman's "dead" right now, but it's not stopping DC from using him here and in John's own Justice League.

    What's funny is that people actually think he's dead this time.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)05:03:24 No.73062336
      Flash is seriously the worst Justice Leaguer.

    Hey now.

      Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)06:08:20 No.73062862
      I'd give it a 7/10. A little awkward here and there but ultimately a solid read. Hitch isn't the best writer but he's better than quite a few out there.
      Also, this is a fat issue.

    Agreed with this, pretty much. And that's better than the previous JLA.

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