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Subj: Re: JLA #2...
Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 at 08:51:52 am EDT (Viewed 404 times)
Reply Subj: Brian Hitch's Justice League - What's the Consensus?
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    I half read issue #2 and... it was okay, it flowed well and there was nothing about it that was terrible as such, and yet... It hasn't excited me.

    I think one problem is the plot being a thin rehash of Grant Morrison's classic opening arc for his and Howard Porter's JLA, with its godlike beings come to earth to solve all our problems and a link to one of the League's membership etc. At its heart Brian Hitch's Justice League is an unoriginal affair then. But while the DC promotional machine promises us "wide-screen" Hitch's artwork is rather the opposite to his usual vista's and panorama shots, tight panel arrangement and generally very subdued. I can't criticise him too much as despite the lack of much that is original and truly fresh it IS a competent production. But.. it isn't exciting me all that much either....

    What is the consensus around the web then?

Agreed. This was my simultaneous post...

Justice League of America 002 (2015)

Quick replies to this link below:

> We're two issues into the all-new series of "Justice League of America" and let's be clear: it's a fine looking book.
Looks ain't everything - but don't hurt.

> Bryan Hitch's skills as an artist have been known for quite some time, and it's something that was never in doubt when the title was announced.
True comment.

> His storytelling slows down a bit this month, though, as "Justice League of America" #2 goes through all of the plot beats that one would expect after last month's cliffhanger.
Premiere wasn't that good either.

> Hitch deals with the arrival of Rao on Earth in a manner that most readers certainly saw coming; Superman praises this long-lost Kryptonian god,
Remind me what was the aftermath POV of Earth towards Superman: World of New Krypton series? How would this 'invasion' of Krytonian culture/strangers play out dramatically different - will Earth repeat the sins of the past so soon? Beacause RAO is only one (easier to target) being, like revealed Kal, early fear is unlikely? Or maybe that maxi series Event is no longer canon after the (alleged) CONVERGENCE whitewash of history? Why bother appreciating any parallels and characterization connection if DC won't bother footnoting it?

> Batman is skeptical and Rao, of course, uses his abilities to start curing the sick and making miracles occur. While that's thankfully not the entire issue, it is the vast majority of the comic.
Natch. At least this time he calls in Vic and not try to do it all himself.

> Still, there are some little moments that stand out.
Hardly enough.

> Aquaman's comments on Poseidon are intriguing, especially when you consider that he knows Wonder Woman and her connection to the gods of Olympus. It's an interesting viewpoint to take in a world where the Greek pantheon really does walk the earth and, while I’m not entirely sure it's believable as a result, it is still intriguing.
True comment.

> Even more so is the final page of the issue; up until this point, it would be easy to simply write off Rao as an alien pretender that impersonates a god. Hitch's story may have been predictable up until this point, but that final page sends at least one assumption into a tailspin
Agreed, THAT was an excellent cliffhanger grabber.

> Hitch's pencils as classic as ever. His strong-jawed, expressive characters look great here, and I love how well he can draw Superman's hopeful expressions
True comment.

> there's still more than enough to keep readers interested
Not really IMO. JL United was better this week. More praise here though:

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