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Subj: Re: Justice League #43 - To War.
Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 at 01:33:17 pm EDT (Viewed 538 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Justice League #43 - To War.
Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 at 08:22:55 am EDT (Viewed 504 times)

    A perfectly lackluster issue. There is just too much that needs to happen, in a book jam-packed with characters and situation. Johns is notorious for separating Superman from the rest of the group . . and depowering him somehow. It's not necessarily a bad thing, as his Superman and the Legion of Superheroes was excellent, and Superman #39(vol. 2) was good. However, turning the Justice League into New Gods is story onto itself. Here we have that, a war between the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid, the daughter or Darkseid, and Lex with Superman.

Geoff Johns' plotting is, as ever, efficient enough in its formula. This formula being a big cosmic threat looming and multiple sub-plots and characters being generated in the run-up. If you looked to The Sinestro Wars and Throne of Atlantis you can see this formula is so efficient the two tales are interchangeable when stripped to their basics, and both are good strong strylines. So it is not the formula at fault in The Darkseid War, rather it is the lack of any human element to it and the lack of attention to making his story transparent to the audience. Unlike his previous such epics The Darkseid War isn't about people and how they cope with the impossible, there is no Jack Jordan and his family looking out of Coast City to the descent of the Sinestro Corps, there is no Silas Stone of Vulko determinely trying to turn back a war between Man and Sub-mariner. No, instead this is a tale about two unfathomable cosmic beings and their respective allies... The Darkseid War is not a bad story I must stress, and yet it is difficult to connect with a plot that has little in it to empathise with on a human level or a lacking a scenario care much about.

    Perhaps the supporting books will provide needed depth, but even then, Johns and DC has a major problem with consistency and continuity.  Superman loses his powers almost immediately on Apokolips.  This has never happened in any continuity, and does need some explanation for two reasons: 1) Superman in N52 continuity has been to Apokolips before without mention of this happening. 2) Superman has been shown in N52 continuity to be able to exert himself for over 5 days with no solar radiation to absorb, and lose only a single bead of sweat.  Unless Darkseid has done something to the atmosphere of Apokolips, ignoring such precedents ruin the story, for me, as it just smacks of sheer laziness.
    Luthor throwing Superman into the fire pit is questionable, as again, the fire pits have never been shown to be akin to solar radiation, but moreso nuclear reactors.  Even if this is acceptable, if Superman can charge from sun at its given distance, there is no need to throw him into the fire pit, as he would be charging from it, due to its nature and greater proximity.  Absent thought, it may seem interesting, but apply just a little knowledge, and none of what occurs should be happening.  I have little favour for stories of this nature: those that need a heaping of ignorance to flourish.

Your point about the Firepits is a good one, why drop him into a furnace when proximity would do as well... but this is just one of a number of points where Johns is ignoring or ignorant of goings on elsewhere in DC Books. It is quite clear for instance he has not read a thing in Earth-2. That Superman apparently loses power on Apokolips in a matter of a couple or so hours is an element I am less concerned about as this is writers fiat at work, still, as with Steppenwolf's apparent ressurection it is something he really should have explaind with a quick line and moved duly on from... or should we assume Superman would similarly have quickly lost his powers when Ultraman moved the moon to obscure the Sun in Forever Evil?

You're right though, Johns has gotten lazier in recent years.

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