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Subj: Re: Justice League #43 - To War.
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      If you looked to The Sinestro Wars and Throne of Atlantis you can see this formula is so efficient the two tales are interchangeable when stripped to their basics, and both are good strong strylines.

    I cannot remember if I've read Sinestro Wars or not. I probably have and just cannot recall it. I read Throne of Atlantis recently, but cannot recall much of that either. I guess, while I thought they were good stories, they didn't possess the je nais se quoi . . .actually, I'm surprised that I don't remember them.  Both were well-received storylines, but I have a better recollection of Infinite Crisis.  Quite eerie.  

Johns' skill as a writer is at it best when either developing an existing mythology, or mining a characters history, these are the factors that made his JSA and other work of that time so good. And it is no coincidence I think that his Aquaman book was able to tap into that same spirit, as despite the reboot the elements he had already put in place still existed - Atlantis' history and Aquaman's history were left where they were before 2011. So he had that mythology already there to pick up and develop once again, he made his name doing this.
Since the 2011 reboot wiped the history of the DCU away and a year-zero approach was adopted to characters he has otherwise struggled, the stories are getting more and more threadbare and strung together, because there is no foundation anymore on which to develop anything... instead everything has to be done as being all-new, which is why the DCU today frequently feels to be lacking substance - It has no past anymore.

The Darkseid War is something that is cobbled together from elements set up back at the start of the reboot, with Darkseid's mysterious daughter and promises of a League/JSA crossover. For whatever reason that Earth-2 crossover is not happening. I might almost think Johns dislikes the current goings on since James Robinson departed and so is deliberately blanking the series as an irrelevance, certainly though I am convinced The Darkseid War was the original storyline for that meeting, it has all the right elements for it.


      Your point about the Firepits is a good one, why drop him into a furnace when proximity would do as well... but this is just one of a number of points where Johns is ignoring or ignorant of goings on elsewhere in DC Books. It is quite clear for instance he has not read a thing in Earth-2. That Superman apparently loses power on Apokolips in a matter of a couple or so hours is an element I am less concerned about as this is writers fiat at work, still, as with Steppenwolf's apparent ressurection it is something he really should have explaind with a quick line and moved duly on from... or should we assume Superman would similarly have quickly lost his powers when Ultraman moved the moon to obscure the Sun in Forever Evil?

    Steppenwolf is a glaring error.  Writer's fiat notwithstanding. . .I used to hold onto comics, a long-time practice, to be certain that I didn't forget events that transpired from months before, as stories could wind themselves for quite a while.  It was fun, and prepared my memory for university to boot!  That current writers don't seem to have the same desire to understand the grand mythology of the DC Universe, or add to it, is beyond me.

Which goes to compound the problem with the DCU today, if they cannot be bothered with honoring even basic continuity then the reads become ever more shallow and lacking a reason to follow.
There is quite a weight of contradictions to be had in this storyline at the moment. I can accept that Steppenwolf would be ressurected by Darkseid when Apokolips devoured Earth-2... but what is wrong with a quick line in the book to cover it, it was a major event after all.
Mister Miracle pines for Barda, but as we saw in World's End Barda betrayed him and earth and went back to Darkseid and his court.
The Firepits are a form of Solar energy, how Luthor can possibly have deduced this on-the-spot I do not know, Earth-2 made it clear on two occasions that the energy from the Pits defied all analysis. And it certainly wasn't any Solar energy variant...

    So, are we done reviewing Superman books?  I wouldn't fault you one bit.

I'm afraid so, the quality and story content has dropped below my ability to support anymore - though It was Geoff Johns' Ulysses arc which finished me off. I have kept track of events via favorite trusted Blogs but my instincts were right to take a leave from the books, this direction and treatment is not for me. Tellingly these Blogs, to a man, all deliver the same rough verdict on the dirction and content so while I am sure some out there are happy with the books the more discerning reader seems to be giving the whole 'Truth' Exercise the thumbs down...

These are very strange days to be a Superman reader.

What blogs, if you don't mind me asking?

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