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    That would mean that the AM is really old, and that he was powerful due to tech even before becoming what he is now?

I think there is a backstory to him that Geoff Johns has in mind yes, but all things considered I do feel it a mistake to revive the Anti-Monitor here as he belongs to the Crisis On Infinite Earths, he was the almighty plot device powering that series and outside of it I am not quite seeing a future for him.

    As DC ever explained just how Superman and the new gods might tie in together then?

I do recall them saying there was some story planned along these lines, but it all seems to have dissapeared.


    Do you remember the John B story where Supes thought that he was the reral son of Darkseid, and that he managed to take Seid full Omegas before beating him down?

Oh yes. Of course shortly after Mark Evanier did try to show that this was in fact Desaad doing his Darkseid impersonation, whether you accept that reveal though is up to you...