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Is anyone out there reading this book I wonder...?

It isn't one I follow devotedly but after a rather fun storyline with Paul Pelletier illustrating a time travel story that incorporated the likes of Enemy Ace and Sgt Rock in a battle against Vandal Savage this month serves up a standalone tale focusing on Alana and Adam Strange.
With the like it or hate it art of Travel Foreman I found this one tough going as it assumes knowledge and concern over Adam Strange's recent history that I simply don't have. Adam Strange has become trapped in the 'Zeta Dimension' after a recent storyline and Alanna has to find out where he is and free him, a love story then...
But as we learn more about her origin and the role of Sardath I found it all too disconnecting, as it delivers a treatment on the characters that is typical of the new DCU, that is - a reimagining of their traditional history and an assumption that the audience will be fine with it. I wasn't. I found it offputting. The reveal about Alanna's parentage dilutes the very appeal of 'Adam Strange' as a concept, though it must be said no one who has used him in the last 15 or more years have shown any grasp of understanding what that appeal was and is - a streamlined take on Egdar Burrough's John Carter:Warlord of Mars, but with a more identifiable lead man and a tragic romantic tale of lovers doomed to be kept apart. Adam Strange as originally conceived by Julius Schwartz and Murphy Anderson was science-fiction escapism at its finest in comics, as he was standing in for you and me, and didn't we wish we had his fantastic life and problems instead or ours...

The one thing I can unequivocally praise about the book is the standalone nature of this issue, a tale done in one is a rare thing at DC and Marvel today so congratulations to writer Jeff Parker for choosing that. But wait, Final Issue according to DC Comics' website...? \(euh\)

Ah well. No surprise really, Justice League titles outside of the Geoff Johns' central book do now have a set pattern of being lucky to last beyond a year
. \(no\)

My retrospective on Justice League United:

Personally, I was a fan of Jeff Lemire's JLU. It had a Canadian vibe with an outer space flair. And the roster was amazing. We had four holdovers from the ARGUS Justice League of America (namely Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Stargirl) and mixed it with four newcomers (exciting heroes Animal Man and Supergirl, New 52 newcomer Adam Strange, and entirely new hero Equinox) and created a team I called praiseworthy. The first ten issues were works of art, especially tying them in with the Legion of Super Heroes. I'm glad Lemire didn't put Catwoman on the team however I was upset that Simon Baz would not be on the team since Simon is an Earth Green Lantern. But still, it's better than putting in Vibe and Katana, both of whom I didn't want to see in the comic. Stargirl was kinda odd, but Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Hawkman were my hopes for the book.

But things went downhill when Jeff Parker took over the book. He made it some Justice League Unlimited-like team of second stringers. Furthermore, he dropped Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Hawkman, the three reasons I bought two copies of the comic. I was OK when they booted Supergirl off the team (I didn't think she would fit in with the team). But I'm a little concerned about the remaining JLU members. I just hope they can show up in more comics in the future, especially Adam Strange, Alanna, and Equinox.

Now, on to the future. With the final issue of Justice League United, I was thinking about making a JLA team for the states west of the Mississippi. Here's my ideal roster:

1. For Superman, I would have Martian Manhunter. With Cyborg taking his place, my JLA West would be the perfect place for J'onn. He would make the perfect leader.

2. For Batman, I would have Green Arrow. Gotham City is on the East Coast and Green Arrow would be the West Coast answer to the Dark Knight. Also, I'm a big Green Arrow fan and I don't want him to be a solo hero.

3. For Wonder Woman, I chose the Black Canary. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Black Canary took Wonder Woman's place in the Justice League, origin and all. Also, I believe Dinah is a West Coaster herself. Lastly, she should hook up with Green Arrow.

4. For Green Lantern, I nominate John Stewart. John's too popular of a character to leave in limbo. I understand Hal Jordan is a Californian, but John would be awesome for the team and would bring diversity to the table.

5. For Flash, my choice is the Atom. I was hoping to see the Atom in Lemire's Justice League United, but my hopes turned out to be bad. Still, putting him in the West Coast JLA wouldn't hurt. And if you're asking, there are similarities between Flash and Atom. Both are scientists, both are crucial Silver Age characters, and both were given powers via science. Another reason I want the Atom in is because he would bring in the Silver Age zing. BTW, this Atom is none other than Ray Palmer.

6. For Aquaman, I would pick Hawkman. I'm a huge Hawkman fan and he was one of the reasons I bought JLU. I was upset when he, J'onn, and Ollie were no longer with the JLU. Another reason for Hawkman's inclusion is because if Aquaman can work in the sea, Hawkman's perfect as an aerial fighter. And if I was writing the comic, I would have Hawkman and Atom as best buddies, just like the old days.

7. For Cyborg, my perfect choice is Stargirl. I'm sad Courtney is going to be in limbo for a while and I hope she can be used more often. When I first heard Stargirl was going to be in JLU, I was like "it can't be." But then, Courtney helped define the team to the very end. I'd like to see Courtney work alongside J'onn, Carter, and Ollie again and even make friends with Dinah, Ray, and John.

8. For Shazam, I came up with an all-new character named Relampageya. She is a Latina college student who was given lightning powers while she is studying at the UCLA. As you know, I'm not much of a Vibe fan and I think a Latina would be better than Cisco. And if I was writing the comic, I would establish a friendship between her and Stargirl. And what better way to replace Black Lightning with her?

So, there you go, my perfect JLA West roster of Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Green Lantern (Stewart), Atom, Hawkman, Stargirl, and Relampageya. Maybe a couple more characters might be added. Who knows? I might throw in Adam Strange, Animal Man, and Equinox as guests.

RIP Justice League United (April 2014-December 2015), especially the Jeff Lemire version of it.

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