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Subj: Re: 3 Added Points...
Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 at 05:17:19 pm EST (Viewed 463 times)
Reply Subj: Nice review. I basically agree
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    This series would be good entry point for a kid/newbie to comics and JLA EXCEPT for the fact the decompression is unacceptable. Combined with the shoddy release schedule.


    Veteran JLA fans are going to be rightfully underwhelmed by this comic for the reasons you stated. And I think Hitch has lost a step or two artistically since his Ultimates peak. So I am not buying these comics.

Yep, this was an underwhelming chapter, indeed; it did not help that the exposition dumping that was bogging down the snail's pace even more. Just want to add 3 things to Daveym's nice review that selectively praises some fine points but fittingly knocks it down at the same time.

1. Superman's surprise strategy to strike against Rao was totally awesome!!! (Even though Byrne explored this tactic before.) Yeah, it took 3 pages to do the one thing but -in this stretch- it explosively captured what (hopefully) is the climax turning point.

2. Now, yes, there were some neat ideas that generated some thought provoking POV insight BUT Arthur Aquaman made God of the Oceans?! On a whim? Here we go again. Soooo, there are circumstances (when "Olympus is Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman is Olympus"??) where Diana can (easily) bestow GODHOOD on another. BAH!!!

And last but not least:
3. Does anyone else feel that Rao's threat is oh so similar to the Chief Proctor of The Ori on the Stargate TV show? BTW, does anyone recall how SG1 defeated the Ori?

Here's a neat online sound byte that echoes this thread so far:
> Justice League of America 007 (2016)
> http://www.popoptiq.com/justice-league-of-america-7-of-gods-and-superman/
> 7.0 PopOptiq - Matthew J. TheriaultJan 28, 2016
> ...Both Geoff Johns Justice League and Bryan Hitchs Justice League of America are currently covering the same characters and the same concept, namely godhood. Yet for such seeming similarity, the two titles differ greatly. Admittedly, Hitchs opus lacks the continuity-wide consequences and cinematic set pieces, or even the fun and excitement of its counterpart. But its certainly meditative and demonstrates an acute understanding of the characters. Johns, Morrison, and many others have asked the question: what makes them gods? Hitch raises as much, but answers a more interesting inquiry: what makes them good?

The exciting cover is equally MEANINGLESS -in (recent) time honored tradition by DC AND Marvel. Why not have Rao holding Superman by the throat and blurting out "SAY YOUR PRAYERS, KAL EL!" or something more grabber?

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