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    As for Vibe, I don't know where he is these days. For all we know, he could be dead or retired. My question is whatever happened to the Hank Heywood Steel from Detroit? Did he get a New 52 introduction?

Not to my knowledge, I am not sure any of the Heywoods exist in an active capacity. Steel was never a favourite but his origin was quite horrific in retrospect, today it is too close to Victor Stone's so if anyone had a desire to ressurect the character his origin would likely be somewhat different. Perhaps more in line with The Bionic Man...?

It might be worth exploring, but really, where would he fit in in todays DCU. It was amazing that Vibe made such a comeback, Gypsy followed in his shadow, but Steel it seems interest no one at DC...

I'm also surprised only a handful of Global Guardians (Doctor Mist, Godiva, Olympian, Fire, and Ice) made it to the New 52. Honestly, I wished ALL of the Global Guardians would return. But if you ask me, here's my idea for the Global Guardians for DC Rebirth:

Doctor Mist as leader
Owlwoman (Winonah Littlebird) for the United States (on behalf of the Native American population)
El Dorado (Luis Dorado) of Mexico (based on the Super Friends character)
Maya (Chandi Gupta) of India
Seraph (Chaim Lavan) of Israel
Jack O'Lantern (Dan Cormac) of Ireland
Olympian (Aristides Demetrios) of Greece
Godiva (Dora Leigh) of England, United Kingdom
Crimson Fox (Vivian D'Aramis) of France
Alpha Centurion (Marcus Aelius) of Italy
Wild Huntsman (Albrecht von Mannheim) of Germany (with Orkan and Donnerschlag accompanying him)
Red Star (Leonid Kovar) of Russia
Rising Sun (Isuma Yasunari) of Japan
Tri Man (Johann, Jean, and Giovanni Musli) of Switzerland (a newcomer I thought up which will represent the three ethnic groups of Switzerland)
Wingman (Benedict Rundstrom) of Sweden
Gamecock (Supraman Chay) of Thailand (another newcomer)
El Dragon (Miguel Rodriguez) of Spain
Centrix (Mark Armstrong) of Canada
Isis (Adrianna Tomaz) of Egypt
Fire (Beatriz da Costa) of Brazil
Bushmaster (Bolivar Rojas) of Argentina (based on the Venezuelan Bushmaster, kinda like Cisco Ramon)
Snowblind (Jan Haaskas of Finland) (another newcomer)
Jet (Celia Windward) of Jamaica
Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins) of Australia
Tundra (Illyana Khrushenko of Ukraine)
Ice (Tora Olafsdotter of Norway)
August General in Iron (Fang Zhifu) of the People's Republic of China
Cascade (Sujatmi Sunowaparti) of Indonesia
Janissary (Selma Tolon) of Turkey
Whirlwind (Aziz Khoury) of Lebanon (another newcomer)
Jaguar (Lisa Cortez) of the Philippines (another newcomer)
Little Mermaid (Ulla Paske) of Denmark
Tuatara (Jeremy Wakefield) of New Zealand
Strongman (Luc van Rujoy) of Belgium (another newcomer)
El Condor (Herman Mendoza) of Peru (another newcomer)
Mas y Menos (unknowns) of Guatemala
El Tigre (Jorge Ramirez) of Colombia (another newcomer)
Bat (Janos Rekjas) of the Czech Republic (another newcomer)
Windstorm (Jan van Rooten) of the Netherlands (another newcomer)
Perun (Ilya Trepilov) of Belarus
White Knight (Wladyslav Wroblewsky) of Poland (another newcomer)
Mystek (Jennifer Seong) of South Korea
Sandstorm (unknown) of Syria
Kid Impala (unknown) of South Africa
Waterfall (Tomas Rodriguez) of El Salvador (another newcomer)
Kid Thunderlord (unknown) of Taiwan
Dagon (unknown) of Romania (reborn)
Djinn (Hassan al-Bakar) of Morocco (another newcomer)
Extrano (Manuel Savoy) of Portugal (another newcomer)
Thunder and Lightning (Gan and Tavis Williams-Truong) of Vietnam
Fennec Fox (Gregor Travanky) of Hungary (another newcomer)
Minotaur (Miroslav Jenski) of Bulgaria (another newcomer)
Medusa (Tatyana Razkas) of Slovakia (another newcomer)
White Lion (Kwaku Mobotu) of Kenya (another newcomer)
Sorceress (Dinusha Manapatuli) of Sri Lanka (another newcomer)

And no made up countries in my roster, please

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