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Subj: Re: JLA #9: Again, the UBERBat. . .
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Reply Subj: JLA #9: Again, the UBERBat. . .
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On the bright side, great art by Jimenez. He does the best Superman today.

On the dark side, Batman, the hyper competent, super dick.

Batman disagrees with how Superman is putting the moon back together(!). So, Batman covertly sends a signal to some weird space monster to go to Superman. Batman warns Superman to get out because the solar sucking space monster will kill him. Superman calls the bluff (knowing that bats summoned the creature) and Batman presses a button sending the creature away.

Can we just say Batman has magic powers at this point? He always has a gadget or button TO DO ANYTHING. How did he get such precise control over this mystery space beast?

And moreover, Superman and the League are OK with Batman putting a member's LIFE IN JEOPARDY in order to get his way. That's ok now?

This uberBat stuff has gone on way too long. . .and it keeps getting worse and more preposterous!

It had been years since I collected a Justice League title, so I thought I'd venture back with his relaunch with the Legion of Doom. Found it to be almost as incomprehensible as the new Avengers launch. It just reads as bad fanfic, trying to one-up past stories and threats in sense of scale to the point that the sense of humanity of heroes and villains is just lost.

How is Superman actually collecting every piece of the moon and putting it back together? And, just how is he able to reconstruct it exactly as before? Is he going to replace the Neil Armstrong's footprint as well? Who knows, it's Superman. The kind of thing he'd do in the 1950s through 1970s when comics were aimed at 8 year olds and made Superman unrelatable to begin with. Only 8 year olds would still want stories to make a bit more sense and their heroes heroic.

Then you have these aliens that Batman somehow knows about and is able to contact. You have Batman wanting to weaponize the moon... the guy who doesn't carry a gun because that's what killed his parents. This kind of thinking is what you'd think Batman would actually be against.

But, on top of all that, look at the actual treasonous actions that Batman just committed and that no one bats an eye. He actually arranged for a group of aliens to attack Superman. Aliens he knew that could possibly kill Superman as his plan was for Superman to be threatened enough to call for help.

And, nice to see in a followup to last issue, the League seem to be taking care of Will Payton Starman. Only from the dialogue, their focus is like Luthor's, his memories. No mention of his actual health or recovery. You know, just to show how they are different from the bad guy who was only concerned in using what Payton possessed and not the man himself.

Of course, there's also the bad science involved. How long has Earth been without its moon? Destruction of the moon should result in widespread catastrophes on Earth. There's a good reason why the moon would need to be replaced as close to exact as possible.

When the highlight of the whole comic and story is actually a scene of the heroes in the cafeteria... so, with this issue, I'm done with this iteration of the League. As you say, it's preposterous. Not just Batman, but every aspect of the plotting, characterization, and storytelling.

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