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Subj: Re: IMO, the Thanagarians should be revealed as the avatars of Ancient Egyptian worshippers of Horus, the Hawk God, and everything else should be erased ...
Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 at 01:47:30 pm EST (Viewed 1143 times)
Reply Subj: Re: IMO, the Thanagarians should be revealed as the avatars of Ancient Egyptian worshippers of Horus, the Hawk God, and everything else should be erased ...
Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 at 05:12:06 pm EST (Viewed 1154 times)

    I believe it was he that decided the ancient Egyptian incarnations had the same phonetic names as the present day concepts. Also retconned was that Hawk-god mess, instead of different men who were avatars of the Hawkgod through the centuries and being killed by Vandal Savage (Zero Hour retcon), Geoff Johns establishes those are all actually Prince Khufu along with Sheira cursed to being reincarnated and killed by Hath-Set over and over through the centuries.

Perhaps, it would have been revealed that Khufu & Chay-Ara are the future selves of Khatar Hol & Shayera thanks to time travel ? ... or not ... I don't know.

It is weird that Geoff Johns later revealed that the mother of Chay-Ara was the Queen Shrike of Hawkworld (except that it was not Thanagar but the planetoid of the Manhawks & Lion-Mane) & the lover of Hath-Set ....


    The current storyline to me is just a bigger mess, with his reincarnations overlapping and basically being the Immortal Man. And, frankly, has gone on too long. Once revealed he was reincarnating on alien planets, I bailed on the comic.

IMO, the problem is that each new writer has integrated the fact that Hawkman's history has been so confusing for so long that it doesn't matter to continue the trend (probably thinking that the story will get better one day ... but it never happens).

Also, Golden Age Hawkman/girl & Silver Age Hawkman/girl are at the same time too similar & too different.

Curiously enough, DC has erased the past of some of their most iconic characters but they continue to add new layers of mess to the past of Hawkman.

1940s Superman, Batman, Green Arrow & Aquaman no longer exist in the current continuity, except in alternate realities.

Why don't they do the same, once & for all to Carter Hall & Shiera Hall ? ... a clean slate and a fusion of the best aspects of the Golden Age Hawks, Silver Age Hawks, Truman's Hawkworld & some of the ideas of Geoff Johns + James Robinson + David Goyer ... and let's forget all the rest.

Let's forget about the 1940s and focus only on a distant past and the present. Why couldn't Carter & Shiera be contemporary Thanagarian archeologists whose investigations lead them to Earth & the artefacts of Ancient Egypt ?

Even during the Silver Age, Gardner Fox was often using the idea of Ancient Astronauts ...

For example, what if the current Thanagarians are the descendants of Ancient Egyptians ? If it works for the Stargate fictional universe, it could work for Hawkman & Hawkgirl.

Let's forget the reincarnation cycle. What if Khufu & Chay-Ara are the ancestors of the Thanagarians ? Maybe, Khufu became known as Kalmoran and was the folk hero of Thanagarian tales ?

Some of the Ancient Egyptians could have been abducted by aliens (Polarans ? Manhawks ?) to Thanagar where they developped a new civilization ?

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