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Subj: Re: Justice League #64: Something to see here... would've been nicer.
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Reply Subj: Justice League #64: Something to see here... would've been nicer.
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Justice League 064

Did YOU see anything you liked?

The cover and story introduces the Shi'ar Imperial Guard wanabes and sorta LSH progenitors: UNITED ORDER. Not sure why "Icewoman" and "Spiderbeast" didn't rate names. First showing: BIG FAIL. *clicks tongue* Well, uhh, there's them.

Synmar Utopica the blecchy clumsy-named Bendis' pet project Superman-knockoff introduced in https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Superman_Vol_5_25 gains legitamacy as he is used in this title now.

The Leviathan Event that was Bendis' mediocrely contrived way to wipe out all the supersecretspyguys and makes way for the curious return of Checkmate and the upcoming mini https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Checkmate_Vol_3 by introducing Daemon Rose and evidentally hints of the organizations connection to Green Arrow.

The main story art is simple and clean. The JLD backup art is moody and good - but maybe not so much the overload of color choices.

The main story is like part unassuming and unamusing Parents/Teacher Meeting... "Parents/Metas Meeting?". The big takeaway is ONE practice training punch Naomi throws that we don't even get to see! The other part is Ollie and Dinah likely getting it on - which we understandably don't get to see either. The cliffhanger is nothing we haven't seen before in this run where the big bad shows up on the last page to tease at fight action worth waiting 30 more days for. The JLD backup story guest stars a serially-challenged Batman helping solve that ongoing Merlin mystery that was... more engaging than a watered down Adam and Hippolyta.


I miss Dad & Dan.

Was it just me or did quite a bit of the dialogue not make much sense with non-sequitors not to mention just the odd scene transitions? You not only don't see Namoi punching Aquaman, when it picks back up the art doesn't even look like Aquaman was punched and didn't really match the dialogue. I was thinking maybe they stopped Naomi before she actually hit him.

Then, you have what little action there is occurring off panel. You don't see the big action of the alien super-team taking on the villain so you don't really get an idea of who they are or what they can do.

The better Justice League book this week is Justice League Infinity.

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