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Subj: Re: Justice League #68: Catch me up? [EDIT]
Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2021 at 02:13:21 pm CDT (Viewed 246 times)
Reply Subj: Justice League #68: Catch me up? [EDIT]
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Justice League 068
> THE TOUR! The Justice League has some new members. And those members get a tour of the Hall of Justice from the legends who helped build it while they learn about the people who have dedicated their entire lives to its higher calling. Merlin and his army of the aquatic dead have taken over Atlantis! Can Zatanna handle him and the horror she is hiding within?

Better than last few issues which isn't saying much. (Even though main story is a downtime tale.) It's hard to keep track of all things DC when binging Marvel is my goto preference. Hmm...

Are there m/any backissues with Superman adventures interacting with Tamarans that justifies Superman having his own WWJD acronym variation on their planet? Any recommended reads?

There's currently MORE THAN ONE Dr. Fate? Why? And who is this guy?

Aquaman is no longer King of Atlantis? When and why?

Any solicits what series United Order appears next?

Was the debate over who voices The Ancient One in Marvel's What If...? (TV Series)? ;\)

Was Kryptonian Metallurgy the reason why Firestorm wasn't called in for the obscene insta-repair of the Hall of Justice?

What POSSIBLE lame excuse could Lois have for not mentioning her brother Daemon to her husband Clark????

So at least TWO Kelex units are simultaneously online -HoJ & FoS- at a given time?

When/why Was this the first reveal that Ollie was a main player in Checkmate? If in another book then when/why? Ditto Steve Trevor. Does anyone recognize who is the "King"? Bones, Manhunter, The Question(?!) - have any other DC books revealed the other FOUR(?!) main Checkmate players?

Does/should Daemon likely have UNREVEALED enhancements that the post-Leviathon's mystery organization believes that him alone could "Kill the JL"????

Has Ragman made a heart-solid staff out his magic-ragsuit before?

What some update on Jason and Etrigan's body sharing (again?)?

Can anyone guess exactly what/why Merlin does to Z with that cliffhanger?

Nice cover, eh?

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research and COVID Research.

[EDIT Oct4:] Argh. Just read THIS WEEK'S Deathstroke Inc. #1 (2021) https://www.comixology.com/Deathstroke-Inc-2021-1/digital-comic/964833 and it turns out Black Canary is working WITH THE REAL Deathstroke. And it's behind Green Arrow' back just like he's been working with Checkmate behind her back against a bunch of FAKE Deathstrokes in this JL story arc. With the conflicting covert craziness of these 2 heroes working for vying secret organizations, it just proves they're made for each other. This revelation also aggravates my PET PEEVE with the guesswork reading order and chronological serial unclarity. Nuts to that.

The Flash rebuilding the Hall of Justice by himself in a few seconds was beyond stupid. Might accept that if it was part of the Superfriends cartoon, but anything that is purporting to be aimed at someone over the age of 10... He would need at least some people with super-strength or heavy equipment to simply remove much of the rubble and debris much less putting in heavy beams of wood and steel. And, while he's a police scientist, this would have us expect he also knows how to wire a whole building, rebuild all the computers and technical equipment, civil engineering so that the building doesn't collapse, plumbing, and any magical or alien technological wards and needs. Then, there are just some things you cannot do at superspeed such as anything that has to dry such as glue, sealants, caulking, plaster, painting, concrete, etc. Then, there's just the side effect of moving at such speeds. Trying to hammer a nail that fast is going to be the equivalent of shooting it out of a cannon. I am reminded of the 1990's Flash tv show where he tries to clean his apartment at superspeed and the resulting windstorm in such a confined space just makes a bigger mess.

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