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Subj: Re: Dr. Mid-nite's recent JSA Classified (spoilerish)
Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 at 11:49:35 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Dr. Mid-nite's recent JSA Classified (spoilerish)
Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 at 10:26:56 pm EDT

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> You might have a point, Zazu, if that was established in previous stories that Mid-nite and Terrific don't believe in magic/paranormal/supernatural aspects of their fellow JSAers or the villains/situations they've encountered. But, you really haven't. Dr. Mid-nite apparently is a church-goer, Terrific is an atheist. But you never seen them talking to Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, or whoever about their abilities and origins and say, "Yeaah. Suuure, you are."
> Da' Spyda'

Your original statement was:
As much as I love Dr. Mid-nite and Mr. Terrific, I am having a little problem with the two of them dismissing vampires so easily, and immediately look for scientific explanations. They've encountered ghosts, the Spectre, Mordru, Dr. Fate, etc. etc., and yet, they can't believe the murderer is really a vampire.

Whether one believes in God or is an atheist, that doesn't mean that either one of them needs to believe that vampires really exist. And just because they respect their friends/fellow heroes enough to not argue with them about the true nature of their abilities, doesn't mean that they wholeheartedly believe them. I don't have the same belief system as many of my friends, but I don't go around arguing theology with them either. Again, just because they've encountered "ghosts" and powerful allies/enemies doesn't mean that they believe they are the real thing. Why should they have to say "You're not an Amazon! They're just a myth," to Wonder Woman? Let her believe or claim whatever she wants. She's one of the good guys. What harm is there in letting her say she's an Amazon, whether she is or not? I don't go around telling my friends that there is no God and they are wasting their time. My friends don't try to convert me to their religion.

Ah, but we are not discussing your belief systems and the difference amongst your friends. We are discussing comic book characters and their characterization and their relationships with their enviroment (the DC Multiverse) and those characters around them.

For the story to work, the creative teams (not just those of JSA Classified, but other JSA appearances as well)have to establish what do Dr. Mid-nite and Mr. Terrific really think of the supernatural things around them.

An apparent contradiction in attitude by these characters should not be resolved by the readers' inferring beliefs that were not clearly established by previous appearances. From my meager memory, I do not recall Mid-nite and Terrific conversing about there doubts of the Spectre's, Wonder Woman's, et. etc. origins, backgrounds, etc. OR, while encountering Mordru or the Gentlemen Ghost or Dr. Fate have them debate that obviously it wasn't magic, but yadda yadda yadda.

IF that had been done, then I would concede that the JSA Classified story would have held up better.

My mentioning of Mid-nite's and Terrific's different belief systems was only to point out that they came to the same conclusions in spite of their apparent differences. I DID NOT say anything about trying to convert one's belief into another's. Where you got that idea I'll never know.

Da' Spyda'

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