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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 at 09:56:49 pm EST (Viewed 1 times)
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> > Any thoughts?
> Nothing to say, really, except the following: If you're not enjoying a title, you're doing the right thing by dropping it. Don't support anything out of just mere "loyalty" if you're not satisfied by it. Comics have become an expensive hobby and you should only spend your money on those that really meet your expectations for entertainment.
> You're good on your way. I dropped all DC and Marvel titles at this point with the only exception of Green Lantern which I will keep reading till issue #25, which features the end of the Sinestro Corps saga. After that, I'll keep only reading all those Indy titles I already subscribed. I'm having a blast with these!
Agreed. I dropped all Marvel titles except Spider-Girl with the advent of Civil War, mainly because I decided I wasn't going to buy crossovers. I had intentions to go back afterwards, but even after that mini was over, every main title is still about it, bleh. I've tried and will try the odd issue here and there (such as the upcoming TWELVE, but mostly I'm done). With DC, I'm down to about 4 now: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA (high hopes with the new writer), JSA, ATOM, Black Canary/Green Arrow. I might be trying the new Outsiders and Wonder Woman by Simone.

Sadly, as a superhero comics reader, there really isn't much independent comics that appeal to me. I get the Phantom and Black Coat comes out too infrequently. The Weapon mini was interesting. Halfway looking forward to SUPERPOWERS and ISSUE AFTER NEXT, but like the THE TWELVE, I think SUPERPOWERS will be more in the vein of TERRA OBSCURA where they try to be more Alan Moore-lite realistic instead of just telling some great action stories and remaining true to the original characters. You know, heroes being heroic and fighting the bad guys. As my website shows, there are hundreds of equally fascinating bad guys of the golden-age to choose from that are in the public domain.

Although not completely superheroic, there are some books that still have that "fun" vein without necessarily losing the trappings of being a superhero comic. Although these are mostly for adults, I find them completely entertaining and enjoyable:

1. Scott Pilgrim: This is a great comic in the vein of "What if stan lee was born in 1976 and started writing comics about canada indy-rock scene and video games." The main character is likeable although thoroughly infuriating because he can be a jerk. The other characters are thoroughly fleshed out and really do feel like you're reading a comic from the 1960s. And the superpowers are limited, but pull from a variety of video game and kung fu sources which make it fresh and clever. This is a superhero comic without superheroes, but it still is fun.

2. Empowered: This comic (volumes 1 and 2) are great little reads in superhero life. I'm a sucker for quasi-scientific explanations and clever characters that listen to Ira Glass. This is pretty much a cheesecake story about a woman whose powers are tempermental and who unfortunately finds herself naked a lot. But the thing that makes this stand apart from your typical cheesecake stories is that Empowered really makes you care for the character. Her emotions are genuine and the characters around her seem like charactures, but really have their own little story arcs. Empowered reminds me of those old silver age Adventure Comics mini-digests...quick stories that, if you read in one setting, you figured out how the previous stories connected at least thematically to the previous story.

Have you considered these two series? Both are coming out as trades and both are rather fun reads in between big superhero crises. I highly recommend them to my superhero friends who are burnt out from all the crossovers. They reinvigorated why I like superhero comics, even though both are not necessarily traditional superhero fare.

- l.k.

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