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Subj: Re: JSA #10 - My Thoughts - And I Aint Holding Back!! [SPOILERS]
Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 at 04:00:49 am EST
Reply Subj: JSA #10 - My Thoughts - And I Aint Holding Back!! [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 at 09:41:37 am EST (Viewed 1 times)

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The new series of JSA started off really well but issue 10 will be my last.

The art I hate. Its certainly not of the caliber i would expect from one of DC's flagship books.

The massive rotating cast is already becomming a problem and with plans to introduce even more characters I have lost interest.

At the moment DC seams to be doing everything in their power to reverse the changes made by the original Crisis.

I absolutly hated Kingdom Come. Completely. It was suppossed to be an elseworlds tale. Why not leave it at that?

Yet another Superman. The idea of Crisis was to make Clark unique. Now we have x amount of superpeople running about.

The personal stories have been crap. No indepth on jess and ricks relationship. No aftermath of infinite crisis revelations for Kara. No aftermath at the horrific slaughter of the original freedom fighters. no aftermath from alan scott or todd re jades death.

And while we are at it, why are we killing off good decent well developed characters like Jade and Fury and phantom lady to replace them with people like Maxine Hunkel. What is her costume all about.

Really this is poor poor stuff.. The book on average takes me less than 5 mins to read. Its not a patch on JLA, New Avengers or X-men.

Any thoughts?

" No aftermath of infinite crisis revelations for Kara. "

I could lick you from head to toe! Let's talk about Miss PG for a moment, shall we? This woman has gone from the moat bitchiest super hero to the most well-balanced person I've ever met. DC has gone to great lengths to make Power Girl the Ultimate Anti-Barbie. Yes, little girls, you can grow up to be blonde and have a most impressive rack and still have two tons of crap thrown on you. Yet, you can also have the inner strength to toss it all off and move on with no more thought than it takes to change your tampon.

I mean, this woman has had her head mucked with time and time again only to find out her original memories, watch her beloved cousin get killed, and yet still manages to tell this Universe's Supergirl-proper "I lost my whole universe...I got over it" with all the intensity of well, a rotting banana. I felt the inrinsic emotion!

And now she gets to deal with some messed up zealot from yet another universe who's a duplicate of her lost cousin move in on her turf. Gee, I bet she feels even more unique than she ever did. I mean c'mon, this is a woman who, if she turns your way suddenly, can take your head of with one smack of her left breast. Yet for all intent and purpose, they relegate her to nothing. Ok, we get the point she "fell thru the cracks" but dang, how many more she gonna fall thru.

I wanna know how she's dealing, if she's dealing, and most importantly, why did she fall thru the crack in the first place. The only thing I'm seeing is the crack of her butt and the crack of her cleavage getting bigger.

And I give major kudos to those who have realized the truth...DC is just throwing everything together and hoping something will stick as to their new history. They are literally making it up as they go along now. And it's bull. I posted on another board this following thought....If I want to read pre-crisis comics, I'll dig out my old issues that I bought from 79-85. New Earth my butt. More like oops we royally screwed up and can;t get ourselves out Earth.