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Subj: Karkull's energy is like radiation...
Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 at 12:26:07 pm EST (Viewed 2 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So how old is Ma Hunkle these days?
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> > > > Frankly, I don't much care what the explanation is. I would just like to be given one. Ted with no powers beating up crooks while in his 80's is untenable. Something must have happened to keep him physically vital. DC should pick an idea they like and reveal it on the comic book page.
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> > > Well, there's Ian Karkull, for one:
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> > > "The JSA confronted Karkull, blasting him with their combined powers. The forces exceeded Karkull's ability to contain the ancient shadows, when exploded out of him, seemingly tearing him apart. The radiation of the shadows' departure bathed the assembled heroes, apparently extendeding their lives and affecting them in other, unknown ways." (All-Star Squadron Annual #3)
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> > All-Star Squadron was pre-Crisis, wasn't it? Is it still in continuity?
> Quite a bit is still in continuity, just not the multiple earths thing. They replaced the Earth 2 heroes like Superman, Batman, WW, GA, Aquaman, etc with new heroes like Iron Munro, Fury I, Flying Fox, etc. The Karkull story is still in effect.

Was that explicitly stated? I'm trying to remember a Post-Crisis telling of the Karkull story and who was there. Several JSAers were also in limbo fighting Ragnarok for a few years and probably didn't age.

As for the originals, Jay, Alan, Ted, Rex, and Carter. Jay was said to be young due to the Speed Force, but that didn't really explain Joan's equal longevity. I suppose the answer there is that Jay had his Karkull energy stripped by Extant and Joan didn't. Jay also lost the Speed Force when Bart internalized it and supposedly aged or "slowed down" but he's probably got it back now. Alan was kept young by the Starheart which he had internalized ... that is until it was taken from him and he got old again. He got the Starheart back but he didn't internalize it this time so what does that mean? Ted's nine lives helped for a while but he's lost them all he's no longer a metahuman, he's normal, does that mean he's back to his proper age? Rex jumped over a few years thanks to Zero Hour and its retcon, does he still have his Karkull energy? Carter's merger with Katar gave him a younger body.

I always took Karkull's energy to be like radiation, so that when he exploded, he irradiated most of the East Coast and possibly parts of the midwest with his radiation that drifted due to a North Westerly breeze. That way, many people in the US look much younger than they actually are due to Karkull's radiation, but the JSA took the brunt of it, so they're the ones who benefit the most from the radiation.

- l.k.