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Subj: Re: JSA 13 thoughts and comments [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 07:37:15 pm EST
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Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 02:13:26 pm EST

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> > > The character is OK but it just seems like they could have done a whole lot more with another true legacy character. Having a distant relative of FDR join the team just doesn't cut it with me when there are so many other characters that are true JSA/ASS legacies that could be developed instead.
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> > I am curious who these “many other” legacies are that you have in mind and are not in the book at present?
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> Well for startes you could count any member of the All Star Squadron that has not been shown to have a legacy so far. Any of these characters would be preferable to a legacy related to FDR. To answer your question more precisely though, just off the top of my head I can think of:
> Air Wave, JR (aka Masar) - presumed dead but could be revived.
> Brain Wave, JR
> The Guardian (Jim Harper clone)
> Manhunter (Kate Spencer, daughter Golden Age Atom)
> Judomaster (Tommy Jagger, son of the original, why create another?)
> Zatara (Zachary Zatara)
> Dr. Fate (new Kent Nelson)
> Ibis (Danny Khalifa)
> STRIPE (Pat Dugan's son)
> Sargon the Sorcerer (David Sargant)
> I am sure there are lots more but that's nine right there that would be better qualified as legacy characters than an FDR relative.

I think the Manhunter's link was revealed as a lie wasn't it? And I found it ridiculous to kill off Judomaster, Ibis, Dr. Fate, and Sargon only to be replaced. Why create another Judomaster to begin with? Was there any real story that could be told with a replacement character that couldn't have been told with the original? There's only so many things you can do with a character called Judomaster than almost anything come up with is going to be a cheap copy. At least the original has some context and history to build upon.

The FDR legacy character was actually the only one of the recent additions that strikes me as having real potential or halfway interesting. His source of powers is ambiguous, he's a soldier not a superhero so his motivation can stem from a different place. Especially when contrasted against Citizen Steel whose big legacy angle seems to be that he defines himself as not being his soldier grandfather.

Golden-age hero and villain encyclopedia: www.geocities.com/cash_gorman

> I think the Manhunter's link was revealed as a lie wasn't it?

Kate is still a legacy character because her grandparents are Iron Monroe and Phantom Lady.

From Wiki: "Recently Spencer fought her father, a minor league supervillain who erroneously claimed to be the son of Al Pratt - the Golden Age Atom. Kate is in fact the granddaughter of Phantom Lady and Iron Munro. Al Pratt allowed Sandra Knight (the Phantom Lady) to use his contact information in order to enter a home for unwed mothers, which led to the mix-up."