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Subj: Re: Should the real earth 2 come back
Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 at 04:01:36 pm EDT
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Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 at 07:36:44 pm EDT

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> > In the early days of the new DCU after COIE, things were quite well done in the way the new combined DCU were potrayed. Sadly over the years things went a little haywire (see Donna Troy, Hawkman and Supergirl a little). It could not be helped though and I am sure it was not intentional. Now I really feel that after FC, we should see the return of the original multiverse. Not the new one after IC but the actual one before COIE. I really would not mind reading about different sets of heroes in different Earths. Sort of reading about DCu at one time and then Dark Hourse in another and then Wildstorm. With good writing it can be interesting and we can have the occasional crossovers.
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> > The only thing is how to explain the continuity from 1985 till now when everyone was in one Earth when so many heroes lives affected others? Any thoughts there?
> I believe DC did as good a job with COIE as they could do given the task. The problem is they didn't just stop there. Had they gotten to the end of COIE and said "here's where we are and we fit in as much as we could. Now we will just move forward as is." that would have been fine. Instead they found 20 different ways to supposedly explain or improve things that only made the situation worse. That is up to and certainly including Infinite Crapfest. I would have preferred that DC never combined the multiverses in the first place. Once they did it though I was OK with moving forward. Now that they have spent the better part of 14 years unravaling the one half way decent job they did with COIE, I say put it back the way it was for good or give up already!
> - Sweep

The way I see things change is part of all ongoing stories and comics always seem to have an interesting history. Its a shared universe (as in there are many writers) and with that comes varied takes on characters and the past. Personally I was good with DC moving forward after the original COIE. It was then (I want to say 86) that brought me from being being regular marvel and comico reader to including DC. I liked the one Earth for a long time but also like the concept of multiple dimensions and Earths.I read some early JLA issues that had the JSA in it so I was familar with the multiple Earth (dimension) concept. I also read those oversized comics *famous first editions* like Flash comics number 1 and that showed me DCs long reaching history. (anyone remember those? ;\) It seems to me now that they are fully embracing all the dimensions again (show in 52, Countdown,etc) and I am curious and excited to see where this all leads. To answer the question should the original Earth 2 come back I say lets see where this story takes us ;\) As always good reading to you all.

Originally, I hated COIE. I loved Earth-2, and it was taken from me. However, I could see DC's point in a single universe, a single shared world. So, I said goodbye to E2 and moved on. Then it all started falling apart. All that COIE was supposed to have helped establish has been torn apart. For example, there are probably more duplicates now than when there were parallel worlds. And continuity was constantly being re-written. Wonder Woman is a founding member of the JLA. Then she isn't. Now she is again. Characters came along to replace characters only to be replaced by the original. No E2 Wonder Woman, enter Fury, enter Miss America, enter Hippoltya.

The difference between now and then is that back in the 60s - 80s, you had Thomas, Schwartz, Bridwell who knew the continuity (not saying they were perfect) and you saw these editor's notes. No one plays continuity cop anymore.

Personally, I'd be happy with one earth, one universe. I just wish DC would do a concise history/timeline or who's who and update it regularly.

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