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Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 at 09:52:06 pm EDT
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> Very true.
> It wasn't what it was hyped up to be, and I feel it was just to lure back some of the readers who abandoned ship at the end of the original crisis. I knew what was coming, it was that predictable. I still liked it ... most of it.
Johns is on a slippery slope of late, wallowing in old continuity in all the wrong ways and touching old storylines that really should be left in peace.
There are so many problems with bringing in an Earth 2 like this. How it intersects with the Original E-2, where does their Kal-L fit in? What formed this earth so precicely? are we now saying every one of the 52 has their own Spectre?
It's unnerving that while Johns knew all the minutae for this story continuitywise he so badly failed to understand the characters and do them justice. He's usually very relaiable that way, as it is there's something a little sinister about this E-2 JSA.

> I didn't like the Huntress. This was not the sleek and sure-footed daughter of Batman. I didn't like the Helena/Dick thing either. How many references did Huntress make in the past that Dick was like a brother to her. This was kinda sick.
It IS sick. As I was reading it I was wondering what the revelation was going to be, it took me a couple or so rereads to make sure I hadn't missed something! What went thru Johns head here? Dick is... what, in his late sixties at least? They were raised together as Brother & sister... it makes Helena an unsavory individual all in all and I don't care for it tarnishing the original. I'm lucky enough to have the majority of her old appearances along with my JSA back catalogue, this sort of treatment feels very wrong.

It's almost as if Johns went out of his way to make the Huntress unlikable. Being a character who's only had a handful of appearances since the 80s, she's still quite popular. There is still a demand for her. Yet, in the annual, she's not sure of herself, she comes across as weak, and this whole "incestuous" thing with Robin just tarnishes the image even more. It's almost as if he's throwing it in our faces, "Is this who you want back? Look at her, she's weak, she's incompetent, she's in love with the guy who is like a brother to her."

I don't know. I just feel like Geoff's dropped the ball on the current title. Too much is going on with too huge a cast. There was the League, the Legion, Kingdom Come, and way too many new characters.

The original Earth-Two held a very special place in my heart; still does. Call me whatever names you want, that's fine, but there was a certain charm about the original world. The JSA was the original super-team. They were more than that, they were a family. They aged, married, had children retired, new heroes came. It's too Super-Hero High School now. I like how the JSA told Infinity Inc. to come back later. Now it's completely different. I don't know why it couldn't have continued as an "Elseworlds" title.

Okay, sorry, didn't mean to go on. I'm not downing Johns. I'm just saying the current title lacks the charm of the earlier JSA. True, tastes change, but I've read so many posts of fans getting excited about the annual, and I wouldn't allow myself because I knew I wasn't going to get COIE the Sequel. Like I said, good but disappointing.

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