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So, Power Girl falls from the sky in Earth-2 (where she was sent by Gog) and is found by Huntress (Helena Wayne). After bringing PG in for treatment and revives, we find out that the Earth-2 Justice Society and Infinity, Inc. have merged into Justice Society Infinity (JSI), with mostly Infinity, Inc. characters, many of whom are dead on "New Earth". In the subsequent discussion, we find out that Karen went to look for the missing Superman and Lois several years back, and this is the first they've seen of her since. She tells them the bad news from the Middle Crisis, which they have no knowledge of.

However, they do remember the parallel earths and red skies from the First Crisis, and had thought all other universes had been destroyed in it (which they were, just not in the way that they think). Lyta Trevor-Hall (Wonder Woman's daughter on Earth-2) says "Thank the gods they weren't. Mother will be so pleased." A telling clue for later...

Spectre and Dr. Fate (the originals!) come across each other near the scene of PG's fall to earth, and realize that the multiverse has reared its head again, and fear the consequences.

Karen can't sleep and encounters Helena, who is looking for the Joker, who tried to turn DA Harry Sims (Helena's bf) into a new Two-Face (the old one is dead) and apparently killed Alfred as well. They find him. Helena gets ready to kill the Joker, but Karen steps in first and Joker is electrocuted by the feedback one of his gimmicks.

Afterwards, Helena confesses that just before the Joker had intervened, the DA had proposed to her at some type of party (shades of "Dark Knight"!) and she was about to turn him down - because she's really been in love with Dick Grayson (Robin) all her life. After some nice bonding moments - another Power Girl appears! This one verifies her identity as the "real" PG (who never found her cousin), and by the end of the story the entire active JSI (17 members!) is hunting down the New Earth version. To be continued in the pages of the regular JSA comic...

Comments: A telling moment was when Lyta mentioned her mom, because the Earth-Two (pre-First Crisis) Wonder Woman left our plane of reality, during the Middle Crisis. No, Earth-Two and Earth-2 (the current one) are two different Earths, and the Karen who has been on New Earth was from Earth-Two. Which means that the Superman and Lois of Earth-2 might still be alive...that, and the Huntress-Robin subplot are likely to be resolved during the JSA Earth-2 story arc.

Sigh, I have yet to read the Annual, so I've been hoping for some scans of it online, but no luck yet. But from the comments I've been reading on different boards, a lot of people seem to be disappointed and even revulsed by the story. Many felt the big reveal was going to be Huntress telling PG she's the one she wants to be with, which could work. It would be interesting. I do have some questions, and comments in general.

Q's first:
Did PG act like our PG, or was she out of character? Very little of what I've read so far even really comments on her, outside of some mispelling in the dialogue of her name (El instead of L). Is she overwhelmed, is she in tears, is she all "I know this ain't real, so I ain't buying into it", what?

That's really my big question. lol. My comments based on others' commetns is simply this...even in interviews it was stated that this was not Pre-COIE E2. It is not an extension of said earth, not it never was never will be, etc. That earth ceased to exist many universal reboots ago. Actually, if one really thinks about it, because DC never overly SAID it, the actual post-COIE earth doesn't exist either. Well, it might, but it's not what earth we're currently on or even have been since Byrne redid Superman. At least not to me.

Helena Wayne, the one most of us know and love, had her big Crisis of Faith in the back pages of Wonder Woman back in the mid 80's when she was up against Earthworm and some other guy. She reassessed, and she kicked butt. Next time I really saw anything major of her was when she was whining in Crisis 11, but given the circumstances, perfectly understandable. I'd freak a little too if I existed, yet didn't. And then she bought the big one next issue, so it became a moot point. The new Huntress never did anything for me, still doesn't. Simply put, she's NOT Helena Wayne. What makes the difference? I still don't know, simply because I'm not a bat fan. But there was something about PG and Huntress that was wildly different from E1 females. They were more...real. While Wonder Woman was frittering the time away crying over her bracelets being bound together, Huntress was taking names and putting it down in 7-8 pages. Let's be truly honest and raise our hands...how many of us were buying Wonder Woman in the early to mid 80's for Wonder Woman? Please, we wanted our Huntress fix.

This earth's PG shows up (right on time) and auto fight. No talking, no let's get to know each other, just the typical fight formula.

To be totally honest, I think DC bringing back the Multiverse (or the 52-verse) was stupid, and just created a bigger mess. Could it succeed? Yes, I think so, but it needed to have been planned out a lot better. Is there a need for a multiverse? No. Does it give me a headache, yes. Especially if I'm to believe there are now 52 versions of a woman who isn't even supposed to exist running around now. And we can't even get a fix on the one who isn't supposed to exist. Heck, I thought it was supposed to be fairly evident that PG pretty much got over the whole last survivor thing and moved on to make a place for her in the new world. So why do we have to keep revisiting the "Oh, woe is me" drama? DO I understand any better this second why she exists any more than I did back in 85 during COIE 11 when she states why do people remember me? No, but dammit, she does exist, and it's time to move on. If you want people to feel she has a point for exisitng then give her one with a future, not a doesn't exist anymore past. DC doesn't need their own version of Am I British or Asian Psylocke running around.

Sorry I know that went on, but the moral of my story is that all of these Crises and stuff haven't given me any better answers, only more confusion. I don't ask for consistent perpetual perfection continuity, but a singular backbone would be nice. I mean really, do we have that big of an issue with Jay Garrick? (actually we do, which does provide another jumping off point that leads into my theory of Old New Earth still not being the same Post-COIE earth, but ya'll can email me to discuss that)

Of course, granted, I don't read every single comic published so I know I have some gaps here and there, a lot actually, but from what I have read and know, the mess just keeps getting bigger, and every effort to help resolve it just creates a bigger tear in reality. Oh, just so ya'll know....the Bat-man of E2 isn't dead, I have him in a cage in my hall closet. Well, you know how it is. I knew the universe was going to end, and I couldn't bear.....

Have a good one guys, and thanks for helping to keep me up to date.

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