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Subj: Re: Did Power Girl deserve to survive Original Crisis?
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Reply Subj: Re: Did Power Girl deserve to survive Original Crisis?
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You actually have some good ideas there. I can buy the explaination that anyone who was at the Dawn of Time survived if they didn't have a duplicate but..

The Earth 2 Superman was seen on the merged earths with the Earth 1 Superman.

At any rate, since Supergirl was dead then realistically Kara Zor-l could have been the merged Earth's cousin of Superman. Except John Byrne wanted Superman to be the last survivor of Krypton..so Power Girl couldn't be his cousin any longer.

If Byrne hadn't done such a radical remake of Superman then possibly it would have been established that Power Girl was Superman's official cousin. But DC policy really forced all the confusion onto the Power Girl character due to this.

It was also established at the end of COIE that Robin and Huntress of Earth 2 were on the merged earth and a newspaper reported on their death. However, DC tends to say now that they were never there, probably due to the history of the merged earth finally settling in (they used this same excuse for the revamp of Superman which came AFTER COIE).

You guys are the best! \:\) My theory is based solely on the events depicted in Crisis, stopping at #12. I was trying to focus just on in-comic reality at that point, without looking ahead to the Supes reboot, or any editorial demands from the real world onto it, which is why to me, it made sense that PG would have survived because Supergirl was dead. That's also why I made the remark about her impassioned speech in #11, because it wasn't clear on exactly what she meant when she said the world "remembered" her. (yes, I know it was made that way so the door could be left open to reboot her history, but still vague enough for some readers to think, ok, her history is remembered also).

I've only been thinking about this because I've been having a discussion on the SUperman boards about the post-COIE earth and my theory that at the time of the Massive Superman, Batman, and WW reboots, I feel DC basically created another Alternate Universe that has been the focus of the majority of what we call post crisis. With the introduction of Hypertime, and the way I understood it, it just strengthened my theory of that, since to me it meant that the Multiverse did still exist in the sense of anything could happen, it just can't be proven at this point in time (such as in our reality). It's not a well-thought out theory for me, but it helps me cope with the 6 months to a year of directly after COIE going into the reboots, which includes having the heroes at the Dawn of TIme remember the original crisis.

Basically, DC did a secondary reboot with Man Of Steel on the Universe. If I really think about it, it does incorporate history yet retools it to make sense. I got the idea that after this reboot, Supes appeared as he did and so did the others, yet there still was a crisis, with an Anti-Monitor, but it was jsut confined to this universe. Obviously, some things were different, but somehow, someway, they heroes of the one Earth defeated him.

Break here for a moment, since I want to do a quick opinion poll....When E2 supes hit the fireball Anti, it says he fell back into the sun and the sun exploded, thus pretty much killing him off. Yes, I think we all can agree that Kal-L's intent was to KILL the Anti-Monitor. Superman dealt the blow that sent Anti into the sun, but it was the hitting the sun and the sun exploding that killed Anti. So, my question is, in ya'll's eyes, did Supes technically KILL AntiM or just set up the chain of events that lead to his death? (Does that make sense?) I know it's a quibble, but I am going somewhere with this.

I'll tll you waht in a few days after I see thoughts on it.

It ties into Final Crisis, in a way. \:\)

Oh, btw, I am one of the fans who is very happy PG did survive, because I too love that she's always been her own woman. I've had many friends ask me the real difference between her and Supergirl. My response... Heroes are battling a villain. Supergirl lands, asks the nearest hero "What's the deal", gets answer, delivers the old Kryptonian KO. PG lands, delivers the Kryptonian KO, then asks questions. Maybe. Once she's done with the hey how ya doins?

In simpler terms...PG don't put up with da poo. Sometimes, I think she'd rather wake the villain up justt to pound on then some more.

ie-SUpergirl: Wake up, I want to know why you doing what you doing
PG-Wake up, I wanna hit you again.

also, now that I think about it...Does anyone know of any cross-overs, pre-crisis, where Supergirl and Power Girl worked together?

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