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> OK, I am arguing with some readers about the JSA Annual again.

> We are looking through it and someone makes a comment about Huntress lusting after an 80 year old Robin.
> Well, technically as I am looking at this Annual it almost looks like Earth 2 is set in the late 80s and that would make Robin about in his late 50s early 60s.
> So readers. What do you think?
> We all agree this isn't the real Earth 2 but some hybrid "new" version designed to satisfy a lot of us old school people for the lost and destroyed original Earth 2.
> So what year or decade is this new Earth 2 set?

There are fundamental Paradoxes with this idea that this is a *new* and seperate Earth-2 from the original.
The 52 new universes were formed only recently and way after the original Crisis and the explicit format set up was that upon forming originally they were all utterly identical - then Mr Mind interfered with their starting points in the timestream and they all evolved with seperate histories & with differing characters stepping forth in the hero/villain molds.
Now in the JSA annual there is specific mention that the JSA are fully aware of the original Earths and had had their advenures there, but since the Red skies/Crisis had had no contact at all with them (This interestingly parallels what Johns set up in the recent Superman/LSH reunion and was later hinted The Time Trapper is mixed up in it all. Hmmm, I suspect there's a connection!).

It is also put forth that the Earth 'our' Power Girl is living on is actually its own earth and nothing whatsoever to do with what came out of the Crisis - it used to be that that earth was the result of several Earths being merged. Apparently that idea is now considered suspect... to add another interesting paradox Jay Garrick actually tried accessing the old Earth 2 dimension early in the Current JSA run but found only a black void.

Anyway, what we do know is that this Earth-2 is very much identical to the old one we knew in every way, much moreso than Johns ressurected LSH.
Their Power Girl has been off searching for her cousin & Lois "for years" (where she's been looking is an interesting but unanswered question) and the fact the JSA has merged with Infinity Inc, changed its name, a couple having altered their costumes, that a number of the original mystery men are now firmly retired all of which make it pretty clear this is actually set present day. It's not the 80s, that's just our nostalgia imprinting itself... \:\)

So how can this be such an identical replication of Earth-2 when all of the other 52 universes are radically new and different?
They consist of a number of the 'Elseworlds' universes, The Tangent Universe, The Wildstorm unviverse and none of these had a thing to do with the main DCU much less saw the original Crisis' repercussions -unlike the Earth-2 JSA..... Earth-2 here is a complete anomaly when you consider all of this.

On the subject of dating:
You have to bear in mind i think that it was always just accepted that time and dating wasn't always set in stone pre-crisis, even Roy Thomas admitted that the inconsistencies in the Timeframe and ages of the characters was something you just had to go with, but thanks to his Ian Karkull story we got a pretty decent explanation for the apparent time dilation affecting them.
For example Robin in the Annual looks more like a man in his 50s at best and thats to be expected bearing that story in mind. In the old days differing artists had different views on how old the JSA actually 'looked' with the Wonder Woman in 'America vs The Justice Society' looking like an old Crone but the Wonder Woman of Infinity Inc aging with exquisite grace....

Hee hee, I'm still tripping over the fact I'm now supposed to believe there are 52 versions of a woman who's not even supposed to exist in this universe in the first place! lol.

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