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Subj: Re: Did Power Girl deserve to survive Original Crisis?
Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 at 07:40:35 am EDT
Reply Subj: Did Power Girl deserve to survive Original Crisis?
Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2008 at 12:07:35 am EDT (Viewed 368 times)

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The title of the post is a little misleading, but I know it's been questioned over and over why PG survived. I reread the original series, the Legends Of the DCU #4, and IC, and I think it becomes fairly obvious if you play it by DC's own established rules. If I understand correctly, the fabric of time and space combined the essences of the remaining 5 earths into one. Earth-1 was dominant while facets of the remaining earths showed up here and there. When the universe reformed, based on these 5 earths, any exact dopplegangers were merged into one. Hence, E2 Luthor and Joker didn't die, they just never existed. Jay Garrick and Alan Scott (my main examples) were not dopplegangled with any counterparts because none were known to have existed. Ok, some flaws here....the whole Dawn of Time thing...I think if one was present at the dawn of time without a counterpart, that person automatically became the dominant person. Those who did, well, the older versions had fates already working for them. Cheesey exit, I know, but hey, I can't cover all the bases yet.

By this time, Supergirl was already dead. Power Girl existed, so in my head since the dominant trait (Supergirl of Earth 1) was already dead, Power Girl, being the second dominant, maintained her existence.

(This made a lot more sense in my head)

THe only thing that nags me is after PG's compelling speechin COIE 11, were we still meant to assume that everyone remembered her at that time as (a) Superman's cousin?

Argh, every time I think I have it figured out, a little detail slipd by me.

Still, does anyone follow what I'm saying? Does it make sense? Does anyone care at this point?

Feedback would be appreciated. It's just giving me something to think about and do to pass away the time now that I don't have comics to read.

As an anomoly, she should have died/ceased to exist like the other Eart-2'ers Robin, Huntress, Green Arrow (presumably Speedy) that had duplicates or whose history couldn't be reconciled.

It seems obvious that the powers that be had some kind of plan for Power Girl, but what it was I'm unsure. After all, she wasn't saved once for no discernible reason BUT twice! She survived issue 12 of Crisis and THE LAST DAYS OF THE JUSTICE SOCIETY (along with Dr. Fate who was saved so Giffen could kill him off and replace him). Once would be a fluke, but twice? But, whatever the plans, they didn't go anywhere, nothing much or high profile was done with her for quite some time.

And considering they had already wiped her history, why they didn't just kill her and do a complete reboot of the character ala the Huntress, who knows? It would have been cleaner than the mess of retcons we've gotten since then.

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