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Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 at 04:04:22 pm CST (Viewed 15 times)
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> > > I felt like during the last volume of JSA that the subplot with Hector Hall and Lyta seemed either very rushed, or that there was more going on in another comic. Did I miss something?
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> > No you didn't miss a thing. Hector & Lyta dissapeared into the Dreaming(?) and haven't been seen since, all very mysterious.
> > But no different that the equally vague treatment of Atom-Smasher for example.... stuff just happens in JSA, with no real explanation or follow-up.
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> Actually I think it was more a matter of wanting Hector's Dr Fate swept off the game board ASAP to make room for Gerber's Post-IC reboot. Johns may have had long term plans for Hector and Lyta but figured if eh didn't have time to work it through to completion it was better to just drop it midstream rather than rush a conclusion.

Last I knew Morpheus sent Hector to his eternal reward and Lyta called the Furies in on Morpheus as revenge for taking Daniel(or so she thought).That was at the beginning and end of Gaimens Sandman.