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Subj: Re: JSA roster issue #25
Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 at 06:45:08 pm EDT (Viewed 25 times)
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      Sure you CAN do a lot with these characters but Justice Society NEVER does. That's been one of their main problems all along. Look at characters like Sand and Jakeem who dissapear for several issues at a time and then reappear for two panels before dropping out again. They have been with the team since the begining of the new version and very little ever gets done with them. Adding all these other new characters just emphasizes how little they do with many characters they already have. Now the team is just unwieldy and you won't even be able to get everyone in the same room any more. This is a similar situation to what killed JSA: Classified. It was great that they had a title dedicated to showcasing individual members or small groupings but it got to be the same damn characters over and over again. Jakeem was in one single issue and Sand in none yet established, well developed characters like Wildcat and Green Lantern were turning up every other month. If Justice Society doesn't tighten up it's roster and story telling, it is going to be headed for cancelation city too.

    Well, the less Jakeem the better to my way of thinking. But, I agree with the basic point. And, most of these characters don't really scream JSA to me, their connections tenuous at best and deserving to be more of just heroes-in-training and not part of the main team. Most of the time it feels more like reading some modern version of Infiniti Inc with a few JSA guest-starring. You don't see the New Mutants taking over the X-Men title.

    The team needs to be re-centered, focusing on the actual experienced heroes and fleshing them out more as an actual first rate superteam against some super menaces that don't take 2 years to tell: Wildcat, Green Lantern, the Flash, Dr. Mid-nite, Mr. Terrific, Sand, Power Girl, Hourman I, S.T.R.I.P.E. Re-form the Super Squad branch headed up by Nuklon, Hourman II and Liberty Belle with Stargirl, Cyclone, Wildcat jr, Damage, Jakeem, Citizen Steel, Lightning, Judomaster. Maybe have Robin or Nightwing guest-star as a lark.

    My problem with JSA Classified is that it wasn't ever about the JSA, it was about solo characters. A chance to tell some JSA stories and playing with 60 years of continuity and they completely blew it.

Ed - I like Jakeem as a character and find him an interesting legacy for the thunderbolt but everyone has their more liked and less liked characters. It would be better to reform Infinity Inc than the Super Squad. If you recall, the Super Squad essintially took over the 70's incarnation of the JSA. They were eventually rolled in with the rest of the JSA and then the book centered on Power Girl, SSK, Huntress and Wildcat for the most part with other characters making cameos. The concept of the Infinity Inc team started with a few younger JSA members and legacy characters forming a new team because the JSA felt they were not ready to be members or they were under utilized. That would be fine for a new book for these characters but get them out of the main JSA title. Kick Lightening to the curve all together. She has no connection to the JSA at all and reeks of being a quota character.

As for JSA: Classified, I was fine with that being a solo title in concept because it kept these solo stories out of the main title. Unfortunately they kept using the same characters over and over again in weak, drawn out, stories.

- Sweep