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While I'm sure most readers would agree we have more than plenty members in the JSA right now I would still like to see some story lines invlving the following characters... does anyone agree or disagree?

1. Danette Reilly - My most favourite member of the All Star Squadron, Grandmother to Atom Smasher - She has hardly appeared in years and while its been illuded that she was killed in battle its never been confirmed....I'd like to see some more on Danette and perhaps even the introduction of her granddaughter as the new Firebrand...

2. Helix members Penny Dreadful and Tao Jones - Last seen in Wonder Woman 175 I think...It would be good to see whats happening with these characters - both had alot of potential...

3. Hazard - As the gamblers grand daughter Hazard was never really a villian - infact her timely intervention saved Stripsey and his son and most of Infinity Inc toward the end of their main series - What happened to her after that?

4. Villiany Inc - i think they weould be a great team of Villians to battle the JSA - their appearance in Wonder Woman made them and interesting assortment of misfits...

5. Rose and Thorn - in the revised Infinite Crisis universe could she have some sort of link to the original Thorn ?

6. Jonni Thunder - What ever happened to her?

7. Mayflower - though now dead was her connection to Jade and Obsidian ever really investigated...

1.) Sadly, Danette was at least strongly implied to have suffered a terrible fate at the hands of the Dragon King in Stars and STRIPE. Apparently, she left no children.

2.) Tao Jones was actually referenced in Meltzer's JLA... Black Lightning has been running her as an informant on the Society's ativities... she has been working with them and feeding Jeff information because she needs the money to pay for her mother's cancer treatments.

3.) Hazard has had precious few appearances since then. I THINK she was in Wonder Woman #175, but otherwise, nothing. I just hope Roulette didn't kill her, or her cousin, the third Gambler didn't do away with her.

4.) Villany Inc. would be a great JSA opponent, I agree.

5.) I'd enjoy seeing Thorn I and II connected myself. Possibly even toss Black Thorn from Vigilante in as well.

6.) She lost all her powers, as her Thunderbolt was a hostile alien? Last seen at SSK's funeral, I believe.

7.) Mayflower's connection to Jade and Obsidian was something I had completely forgotten... but, since replicas of her peers had popped up as enforcers for SHADE in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, perhaps that's still something that can be done. Plus, y'know, crossover with Uncle Sam!