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Just when I thought Justice Society was starting to look up a little bit with issue #29, along comes #30, one issue later, to snap me back to reality. Don't get me wrong, #29 was by no means a classic by I am a sucker for a big good guy / bad battle like that issue featured. I was genuinely looking forward to issue #30 and then it comes along with the same kind of crappy writing and story telling that is ruining comic books these days and rapidly running me out of the hobby (or at least saving me a lot of money). There's just too much in this loaded issue to go into but here are a few of the problems off the top of my head:

With the battle in dire straights and all but two members incopacitated, why does Flash seek out an untested quantity like Doctor Fate when he could get JJ and the Thunderbolt. At the very least, he has to waste time explaining the situation to Doctor Fate rather than just being able to tell JJ "the team is in trouble, let's go". The power level of the current Doctor Fate is unkown but the Thunderbolt could freeze the villians, turn them into butterflys, or whatever until they could be delt with.

How do we go from almost the entire team being knocked out cold to half of them wanting to ignore the wounded and take on the entire group of villians that just kicked the crap out of the whole group in the course of like two minutes?

What the heck is wrong with Magog and why is anyone bothering to listen to him? His whole "standard military doctrine" speech makes no sense. It is a much higher military protocol to protect the wounded than to persue the enemy given a choice. How has he gone from Mr. "gee whiz is so cool to be in the Justice Society with all these legends" guy to barking orders and critisizing there every move? I hope they are not setting him up to be one of those characters they should have just killed when they had the chance like Superboy Prime. I can't take another one of those.

How do they figure they lost about five of the villians when they started with about twenty and only nine were shown defeated. Where they as confused as the readers with all those villians no one recognized running around?

Is Tapeworm dead? He is shown lying in a pool of his own blood in multiple pieces and not movingbut no one seems interested.

When the team reunites at the Brownstone, no one seems too interested in discussing relevant critical information like what information Power Girl was able to get out of the villians or even if Mr. Terrific is going to live or die and who might have done that to him. It's so much more fun to bitch about whose acusing who of messing up. That's what all the readers really want to see anyway, right?

Wow, Wildcat vs. Magog, that's a really exciting battle to look forward to, huh? As much as I would like to see Ted just break Magog's neck and be done with the character, we all know Magog could clean his clock in about two seconds if he wanted to. Of course we will get the timely intervention that will negate the whole useless cliffhanger instead.

One last gripe, Flash's narration through the whole issue was one of the most contrived things I have read lately and that's saying something. I mean come on folks, the JSA has been adding members faster than the Jonas Brothers fan club these days and paying no attention to any of them. They could have been infiltrated eighteen times by now. If Flash needs to ponder anything it should be how this isn't ten times worse than it is given how lax they have been.

Sorry but that has been building up on me for a while as I read issue #30 a couple of times. I have absolutely no intention of even looking at spin off titles from Justice Society until they get the main title straightened out. I can certainly see why people have stopped commenting on this board!

- Sweep

I think there has been some sloppy writing, though not in some of the specific examples you cite. I think the book is still better than it has been in a while in terms of pacing and art.

Dr. Fate made sense in the context of the story and it was explained. It wasn't Flash just going for someone with power BUT for someone whose name had a reputation. Sure, Thunder is as powerful and a known entity, but he's not going to make the villains pause as someone that is apparently Dr. Fate. HOWEVER, where the writing was sloppy was that this was not set up at all. There's no mention that the Flash knows there's a new Dr. Fate or even where to find him. There should have been some discussion in the previous issue about Fate that set it all up.

Likewise, there's no set-up of the villains, who they all are or their powers. There's a new Eclipso? And, he's scared of Dr. Fate? Eclipso has been a cosmic level baddy himself of late, needs more explanation of who he is and why he's there. Sure, the supervillains as a group took on most of the JSA, but that was with the element of surprise. With them fractured and in retreat, again it makes sense that the heroes could get the drop on them.

What got me was that there was an actual argument instead of just going ahead and splitting the team with the injured getting back to the Brownstone and those able to fight to track and take down some of the straggler villains. Or just have Flash to follow the villains unseen to get more info of what was going on? Or Wildcat or Dr. Mid-Nite, playing up their dark costumes and pulpish angles, which would have been interesting angles as opposed to their one-note personalities of bruiser and doctor.

But, you are right in that Magog's speech is out of character, especially for a MARINE, one of their motto's being "no man left behind", something exploited by the enemy in Vietnam.