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    The fun thing about parallel worlds is that you can (and should)[b] of course[\b] have alternate versions of heroes and villians run around, just as well as new characters. So I really don't understand that edict.

I'm enjoying the feel of an Earth-2 in the DCU again but you are right, they want a Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman on Earth-2 they should expect the obvious questions and comparisons that arise from that.
I expect Like many I am finding the randomness of DCs attitude to continuity and character history a real struggle to follow nowadays, if you're remotely familiar with the JSA you know Hawkman is a very important member, so where is he? If Supergirl is there to graduate to Power Girl why no equivalent Dick Grayson? It's all very arbitrary.

    Also at the very least characters like the aforementioned Vandal Savage, Ultra Humanite, the Shade and Mr. Bones with their strong JSA connections should be part of Earth 2, instead of hanging around Grim and Gritty DC/Wildstorm Earth.

I think it's a question of a line having to be drawn. We can afford to lose some of the JSA's villains to Earth-1 as Vandal Savage and Mr Bones always did straddle the line between earths anyway, but I am grateful a line has been drawn between the heroes staying together on Earth-2 and being cherry picked for Earth-1. James Robinson does talk about all of this a lot in the Podcasts and while he can't have Hawkman at the moment doesn't rule out the possibility of him being brought in at a later date. There seems to be a bit of a tug-of-war going on behind the scenes as he tries to get what he wants and DC management tries to get what they want, as things settle down I think attitudes will too, leading to more flexibility on DCs side.
The costumes of some characters, namely Green Lantern and the Flash, seem a major point of irritation on Robinson's behalf and you can sort of see why. He let's slip that Green Lanterns has been worked on by a variety of artists - Joe Prado, Nicola Scott, Brett Booth.... it's not a bad suit IMO, but far too green. I'm sure this will be altered further as time goes by.

And this all leads into a different rant under the title of 'It is idiotic'. Why is there no cohesion among the way the members of the JLA are portrayed in their own books with how they are portrayed in the JLA book? Why would Earth 2 not be expanded to its fullest? Why would you stymie some of your most prolific writers with obtuse limitations when you are trying to create a 'new universe'?

Maybe I have been reading comics too long, maybe I am not the correct demographic; but there has been a serious lack of execution in creating this new universe.

And I know that 'Zero Hour' was used to retcon the prior universe, but it is quite jarring to have the current pace of certain books (such as JSA) interrupted by the 'zero issues'. Why wasn't the necessary origins/explanations covered in the new issue #1s? Why did Dildo and company wait A YEAR LATER to explain things?!?!

Eh, mustn't think too hard....just try to enjoy the ride......

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