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    Yeah... for me it wasn't so much that they decided it was time to write them out it was the casualness and brutal nature they did it in.
    Geoff Johns got some great stories out of it though what with the war against Extant in #13 and the Hourman arc later on around #65 so in that sense it all worked out fine. We wouldn't have had the JSA relaunch in 1999 without it and as that first issue highlighted with Wes Dodds a lot of these oldtimers were too old and infirm by now to be returning to active status. I think it is well known that editorial (Mike Carlin?) detested the idea of old age superheores, which is why we were served the Zero Hour massacre among other slights towards the JSA...

I would agree with that, basically, it was the brutality with which Extant wiped out Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman (Rex) and Atom which was the problem (although, to be fair, its not as brutal as what happened to Beth Chapel and Yolanda Martez in ECLIPSO!). Admittedly Hourmasn came back (in a superb arc, that was Geoff Johns at his best, nevermind this JUSTICE LEAGUE rubbish!). I think the problem wasn't getting rid of the senior JSA (bar Ted, Jay and Alan) but the brutality of it all.

In a long-winded way I am agreeing with you!

    I can understand your feeling on Power Girl, she's really not much like her original self, but i think that is a reflection of what DCs lack of political will is - it really does seem to have a problem with willful and politically charged characters.
    They neutred famously vocal players like Oliver Queen, now a bog standard comicbook marksman. John Stewart who used to be an equally passionate civil rights proponent is another, you could lump Guy Gardner in there too given his fairly radical reworking in recent years. Remember Ostranders politically aware Katar Hol? Or Wonder Woman's dedication to being a pseudo-Ambassador sponsoring a peace message? Power Girl is Just another example of a strong and opinionated character being 'straightened out'.

To say Power Girl is not like her older self, to me, is COMPLETELY under-stating the situation, she's become an un-relatable character and has none of the redeeming qualities she had pre-reboot. I don't want to get into a political debate but I do see what your saying, I am just very interested to see what Lemire does with post-NEW 52 Ollie when he takes over the title in Feb (I am not reading it at the minute but Lemire's name is definitely a draw!). I remember when Wonder Woman was an ambassador for peace though, yes and I *miss* that element to her character which is FAR less obvious post FLASHPOINT which is a shame (the pre-New 52 Diana had some good runs under Heinberg, Rucka (the best by far IMHO) and Perez and that's a Diana I miss \:\(

    Beyond that though I really do like the new set up and this is a good updating of Helena Wayne, I'm not at all opposed to the new Earth 2 concept. I do however feel World's Finest needs a bit more energy injected, so far I've been fine with it but it does read very old school in it's plotting and so far not a lot has happened really that's worth talking about... \(beer\)

I *thought* I wouldn't be against the new set up for a new 52 EARTH-2 but it turns out I am, because I am dropping the title. I just find the characters *too* different for my liking and, with the outing of Alan Scott, I don't have ANY problem with that other then the knock on effect it has of on other characters (noticably Jade and Obsidian and, indirectly, Kyle because he can't of had a relationship with Jade and I liked them together both as a couple and, later, as friends).

If I'm honest, to me, it would of made more sense to have Jay be gay in the New-52 because it doesn't have a knock-on effect the way Alan's outing does.

I would enjoy WORLDS' FINEST if Helena Wayne was made a little similar to her pre-CRISIS self and Power Girl had a *complete* overhaul to her New 52 character. I *want* to like Helena Wayne but there isn't enough to go on and I liked the relationship she had with the Earth-2 Robin pre-Crisis.

Okay, I'm rambling now but my basic point is that I *want* to like Helena Wayne and WORLDS' FINEST as a title but Levitz isn't making it easy.

I've ranted enough \(beer\) (you've earned one for listening to me ramble! \:P )



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