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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 at 04:40:53 pm EST (Viewed 366 times)
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    I think most of the rebooting DC did last year was very arbitrary on the whole, I can see why they did it with Superman but there was no need at all to do it with Firestorm, the JSA, Wonder Woman, the Flash or Hawkman for example. Many of their characters really suffered because of it and some might never recover. When you alter Superman and Hawkman's looks as radically as this I think it's hard to not suspect this is all a passing fad... it is impossible to pretend these characters pasts and traditional looks don't matter.

I have to agree that most of the NEW 52 reboot was too arbitary (how can you have 4 Robin's in 5 years?? How can you say one minute that Tim WAS Roobin and the next he wasn't how can you say there have been other Titans then retcon that there hasn't?? How can you say Superman died if Superboy didn't come from Cadmus and there aren't other Supes trying to convince Lois they are the real deal if there's NO romance with Lois?? The list goes on and on). I also agree that too ignore Supes' traditional look, the one which is in the conscious of the wider market is foolhardy. In all I have to agree with all your points here \:\)

    Nontheless after a lot initial of misgivings I have got behind Earth-2. I can understand the reasons they've gone this route and James Robinson has begun constructing a worthy alternate earth that is interesting to explore.
    Alan Scott is an odd one, to me he reads as far too perfect to be believable, The Flash on the other hand surprised me as I find him endearing with his naivity and boundless optimism. I've started appreciating the new take on Terry Sloan as well, a madman but a plausible one with understandable motivations. Earth-2 is a full scale reinvention of all of these characters, the downside to it is that by moving them to their own earth they are put in direct competition with the Justice League's popularity and recognition, furthermore there is an editorial edict not to have too many counterparts to Earth-1 characters which bizzarely means no Hawkman, Dick Grayson, Vandal Savage or Lex Luthor will be turning up on earth two.

I am glad you've been able to get behind it, I wanted too but just can't. I gave it the whole first arc and I think that's fair. I have rel issues with Alan, as I have noted (I also agree that he's too "perfect" and is in danger of becoming the mary sue of EARTH-2). I personally think its a mistake to have an editorial edict saying that characters can't have counterparts on different earths, its not THAT confusing and I feel that DC editorial seem to think fans are a lot simpler then they really are!

    I'm genuinly puzzled by your criticism of the Huntress as out of all of them she is the one virtually unchanged from her Pre-crisis self.
    The costume is different obviously but her background and relationships are pretty much the same as they were. Dick Grayson is no longer there true but I can accept that omission. I know Helena Bertinelli had a fanbase but I'm afraid I was never one of them, I was too attached to the Helena Wayne origins for the character and found Levitz' twist in Issue #1 a good one.

Let me try to explain my criticism of the NEW 52 Huntress then. Basically, I was a fan of Helena pre-CRISIS through back issues (and I liked her appearances in INFINITE CRISIS and the arc which re-introduced Earth-2 ore-reboot) but it was the Helena Bertinelli version who I grew to a love as a character from her appearances in her original mini right through to her (highly enjoyable) time as a member of the Birds of Prey under Gail Simone's pen.

To me, so far, the Helena Wayne we are seeing in the NEW 52 hasn't taken the best of either character an, indeed, has taken the dull aspects of both characters. For example, I loved Helena Wayne's sisterly relationship with the Earth-2 Robin and, now that he no longer exists, it takes away from an element of her character and, in a similar vein, I liked Helena Bertinelli's friendship with Huntress and Barbara Gordon, which has also now been entirely erased 9or seems to have been!)

    I 'm very attached to the original JSA, those 70s and 80s JLA/JSA team ups and Roy Thomas' work on them in early Infinity Inc for example are my defining moments for them all but the Crisis did a lot of damage to the JSA concept I thought. Erasing Earth 2 and the histories of Wonder Woman, Superman & Batman did a lot of damage, but when Geoff Johns revived the Earth-2 concept in the JSA Annual a few years ago it just wasn't the same, you really can't go home again as it looked and felt like it was stuck in a timewarp in the 1980s. Worse still some characters felt off by a mile - the Huntress and Power Girl ironically.

I was attached to the original JSA too, particularly from James Robinson's *last8 stint with the characters (THE GOLDEN AGE) and I loved INFINITY INC too (meaning I am very similr to you) but its this fondness which has made it hard for me to accept the NEW 52 EARTH 2 title, it has retconned all that I loved about the JSA (from Roy TThomas' run this was a mixture of the new allowing the old to operate independantly as INFINITY INC and from Johns run it was the legacy aspect of the title that I loved). I also don't like the loss of Jade and Obsidian, as I have said before, not just for the loss of 2 excellent characters but because of the knock on effect the loss of them (Jade in particular0 has had on the wider DCU including areas we were told were 8not* being revamped!

I still maintain CRISIS was actually good for the JSA, it was ZERO HOUR that ruined them but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

The basic upshot of what I am saying is that I think Robinson is a good writer (he's proved that many times) but I feel the revamping of EARTH-2 was/is a mistake on the part of DC editorial especially as he is suffering from so many editorial mandates.



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