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Reply Subj: Re: Can someone answer a nu-Huntress question for me?
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      How many are still in continuity?


        That'd likely depend on what day of the week it is and which direction the wind is blowing at this moment.


          "Tim was Robin no he wasn't he started out as Red Robin."


            You know what I mean.

    Yup, I suspect Paul Levitz and DC just threw the Bertinelli/Wayne twist in there and didn't think too much on the implications. After all they've jettisoned so many other characters Helena Bertinelli barely stands out...
    Reflecting on it though the structure of Worlds Finest is partially built upon the concept of flashbacks, every issue we get to see what Power Girl and Helena were doing in the initial months/years after they arrive on this new earth and it does seem possible we will be surprised and eventually learn who Helena Bertinelli was and how Helena Wayne adopted her identity. Because if you take what Helena said in issue #1 about it at face value she's perpetrating a very serious and repulsive crime, masquerading as a dead person. There must be more to it than that then as I can't believe she'd do something so morally dubious as wear a dead persons clothes and identity, for another thing what became of Helena Bertinelli's body if she did indeed die...? An unmarked grave, or no body to recover? \(fear\)

Well, if I remember right, didn't Helena somehow also tap Wayne bank accounts after she and Kara/Karen arrived on the mainstream Earth?

This makes her a thief as well.

What's a little life-stealing, after you've become a bank robber? It's a nice passtime for the period between two different superhero identities.

I hope you're not trying to say that even Bertinelli was actually a Wayne, because it's hard enough to figure out how Bruce fathered Damien (after having already begun his career as Batman?) in the new timeline, since Bruce may not have been Batman long enough for Damien to be as old as he is. Should we now think he somehow fathered Helena Bertinelli too?!?!?

I'm also wondering how in the world Helena Wayne was stealing Bruce's money and HE, of all people, didn't catch on? I mean, at least he could have gotten a little ticked off at the woman he thought was Bertinelli.

Is this why he fired her as Batgirl (IF he ever did, nu-timeline?), because he caught her stealing and just never said that was the reason?

I want to go home. To the post-Crisis timeline. Now.

Where's Doc Brown?

If only because that gives us an interesting origin story for the Huntress identity. Helena Wayne as Robin finds that she's helping a woman named Huntress who is going after mob bosses in Gotham. She takes over Helena B's identity when she dies as Huntress. Helena B's dying wish is that Helena W takes over her role as Gotham's Huntress.

As for their resemblance, I don't mind that either. It feels Golden Age-y to me (in the same way that Black Condor looks like the senator he replaces or Wonder Woman looks exactly like Diana Prince).

- l.k.

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