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It was a theory put forth as we heard Tylerco had bought out wayne's company back in issue #2 I think. In theory then Tyler could have acquired the family manor with the assets, on the other hand it's just as likely the manor is private and kept in perpetuity in Wayne's absence... we have no real idea whether the public know Wayne was Batman or that Bruce Wayne is dead. In fact if you follow that chain of logic then obviously we know his wife Selina died, Wayne would have had to announce that publicly while keeping their dual lives secret. In the meantime though both Bruce and his daughter just dissapear... five years ago now.
It therefore makes you wonder who they might have left behind as nearest family ans next of kin? Who might therefore have finally stepped in after the legal wranglings and taken control over estate?

I doubt its Tyler, he's a buisinessman who will(?) become Hourman. So I'm favoring the idea there's a Dick Grayson type family member who has taken up the mantle. \(idea\)

Grayson would seem a natural-just dont let him be some local policeman who had no connection to Batman! As a prediction I think the earth-2 original big three will all return in some fashion. Sales will force this by editorial mandate.