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    Haven't followed FOREVER EVIL, just know the general idea of the story, but would like to know about its introduction of Stargirl.

    If there WAS a Star Spangled Kid (and Stripsey?) and possibly a Starman as well, when were they active?

    This sounds as if Superman is turning out to NOT have been the first costumed hero on the mainstream DC Earth.

    Is it possible the guys Stargirl is being "spawned" by could have actually been from Earth 2, and if so, how did their equipment get to the mainstream Earth? And should I understand that her step-father has ALWAYS been J'onn, living a secret earthly life, or has he just recently begun using her step-dad's form?

I thought the retention of Sylvester Pemberton and Stripesy into this new continuity was very odd, neither are characters much beloved but someone seemed determined to keep Stargirl's origin intact so presumably the two had a brief career sometime in the previous five years that did not include Infinity Inc and the Justice Society.
And where the Convertor belt and Cosmic Staff came from is anyone's guess given no Ted Knight and his clan!
The more time goes by the more unfeasible this newly revised continuity is in the DCU...

    [Bonus question... Is anyone else tired of not being able to call the mainstream Earth "Earth 1"?]

Yeah, to be fair I think everyone outside DCs offices call is Earth-1 but whatever ideology is at work inside the offices it seems to miss the fact that if there's an Earth-2 than there has to be an Earth-1...